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|logo = EKA2L1.png
|logo = EKA2L1.png
|logowidth = 130
|logowidth = 130
|version =
|version = {{Version|EKA2L1}}
|active = Yes
|active = Yes
|platform = [[Emulators on Windows|Windows]]<br/>[[Emulators on macOS|macOS]]<br/>Linux<br/>[[Emulators on Android|Android]]
|platform = [[Emulators on Windows|Windows]]<br/>[[Emulators on macOS|macOS]]<br/>Linux<br/>[[Emulators on Android|Android]]

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Developer(s) pent0
Latest version [+]
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Emulates Symbian & N-Gage
Website 12z1.com
Support ($) PayPal
PayPal (nikita36078)
Programmed in C++ (17)
License GNU GPLv3
Source code GitHub

EKA2L1 (EPOC Kernel Architecture 2 Level 1) is free and an open-source, high-level, Symbian & N-Gage emulator, written in C++17 and support Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.


pent0 had cancelled his Patreon account on February 2019 with the reason being that he wanted to focus on more reverse-engineering of the Symbian operating system (Series 60 platform on Symbian OS v6.1) that was baked into the N-Gage device, and to reorganize the central repository of EKA2L1 at GitHub. Additionally, the publicly available source code (presumably for the Symbian OS that was also on legacy Nokia phones and other brands' phones) was different from the binary code from the N-Gage itself. He continued with newer progress reports at his new site.

The emulator emulates Symbian OS's EKA1 and EKA2 behavior, and re-implements most of its critical app servers, which are like the services that Windows OSes run in the background for basic essentials, communication needs and other elements such as a file system and graphical display rendering). The emulator is still in very early development and as such most games and apps either crash outright or display little to no output, but a handful of games do work such as Bounce Touch or Snakes 3D with little to no issues.


Android Windows macOS Linux Automatic CI builds
Android Play Store

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