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|title = Darling
|title = Darling
|logo = Darling.png
|logo = Darling.png
|version = (-)
|version = git
|active = Yes
|active = Yes
|platform = Linux
|platform = Linux

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Developer(s) Luboš Doležel
Latest version git
Active Yes
Platform(s) Linux
Emulates MacOS
Website DarlingHQ.org
Source code GitHub

Darling is an open source compatibility layer for Linux that is designed to run OS X executables. It does not support graphical user interface (GUI) programs as of Jan 2019, but can run various console tools or applications including Apple’s Toolchain and Midnight Commander. The program must be self-built on a 64-bit x86 Linux distribution using the source code provided on GitHub.

External Links

Development Blog

Build Instructions