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Developer(s) Aaron Giles
Latest version 2.1.2 [+] (stable), 3.0 (beta)
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Architecture(s) x86_64, ARM
Emulates DOS, Windows, FM Towns
Compatibility Select games only
Website Official website
Programmed in C++
License Proprietary freeware

DREAMM is a free x86 emulator for LucasArts games running on DOS, Windows and FM Towns.



      Official release

      Other downloads
Beta builds when available


The emulator was started by Aaron Giles, a former LucasArts programmer, in response to what he perceived as mishandling of the rereleases of company's back catalog[1]. Unlike most other emulators, DREAMM deliberately only runs a curated selection of games. The initial release only supported the SCUMM-based games, but has since v2.0 expanded to also include other LucasArts games released in the 1990s. As of v2.1 27 games and multimedia applications are supported. (40 in the 3.0 beta)

For DOS games, DREAMM offers a choice of video (Hercules, CGA, Tandy/PCJr, EGA, VGA and MCGA) and sound hardware (PC Speaker, SN76496, GameBlaster, AdLib, Soundblaster 16, Roland MT-32 and General MIDI) based on what the game originally supported. For Windows games, Direct3D emulation is available when the game supports it. The options available are specific to each game.

When the game originally used manual-based copy protection, DREAMM detects the game's request, and displays the correct response to the user.

Game Compatibility

While most original releases are supported, not all digital rereleases include the executable DREAMM needs to run the game. (Tested versions are English Windows releases, other languages/OSes may have different packaging)

Name GOG Steam Note
Maniac Mansion [1] GOG version is cracked which breaks secret lab door key code. No EXE in Mac & Linux downloads
Zak McKracken No EXE included
LOOM [2] Talkie version, lossy compressed audio (avg bitrate 171 kbps) in Mac download
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade [3] 256 color version
Secret of Monkey Island ~ ~ Can be converted to a compatible 256 color DOS version using Monkey Island Ultimate Talkie Edition Builders.
Monkey Island 2 ~ ~ Can be converted to a compatible DOS version using Monkey Island Ultimate Talkie Edition Builders
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis [4] Mac and non-English language versions lack EXE [2]
Day of the Tentacle Only remastered version available
Sam & Max Hit the Road No EXE included
Full Throttle Only remastered version available
The Dig [5] GOG has EXE in all versions
Curse of Monkey Island No EXE included
Grim Fandango Only remastered version available
Escape from Monkey Island [6]
Star Wars Rebel Assault [7]
Star Wars X-Wing [8] ~ Steam Windows version unsupported, DOS version works
Star Wars Tie Fighter [9] ~ Steam Windows version unsupported, DOS version works
Star Wars Rebel Assault II [10]
Star Wars Dark Forces [11] Only the original release is compatible with DREAMM. The remaster is not compatible.
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire [12]
Star Wars Dark Forces II Jedi Knight [13]
Star Wars Jedi Knight Mysteries of the Sith [14]
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine [15]
Afterlife [16]
Outlaws [17]

Recommended game versions

This list only considers versions playable on DREAMM and is by its very nature subjective

Maniac Mansion

The GOG release includes an EXE for v2 DOS. Unfortunately it has a poorly made crack applied to it which makes large sections of the game optional with certain characters (since Bernard and Michael does not need the envelope in the safe to finish the game, the whole attic section above Edna's room can be skipped as well as using the telescope to read the code printed under the safe, in addition to the time saved on not having to fix the wires in the second attic or waiting for Dr Fred to play Meteor Mess). Unless you intend to speedrun the game, it's recommended to get an uncracked version elsewhere.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

FM Towns version has CD audio tracks using music from the movie. Unfortunately that version is also a buggy mess.[3] YMMV whether the EGA or 256 color version looks better.


The game's designer Brian Moriarty considers the EGA version to be the definitive version.[4] For best music quality install the Roland patch and use Roland MT-32 as MIDI device. Worth keeping in mind that the version in LucasArts Classic Adventures pack skips the copy protection screen, this version may be preferable for players wanting to get in the game quick. Alternatively, the FM Towns version has 256 color graphics and CD audio while still keeping the script unabridged.

Secret of Monkey Island

The Ultimate Talkie Edition, besides the addition of voices from the Special Edition, also supports Roland MT-32 music combined with sound effects (missing in other versions when using a Roland MT-32 device) as well as having several bug fixes.

Monkey Island 2

Same as Monkey Island 1 except Roland MT-32 does have sound effects in prior versions (also there are far less differences between versions than there are for the first games). Note that there is a bug where if you acquire all the map pieces without picking up the lighthouse lens on Phatt you will be left on Scabb by Captain Dread leaving the game softlocked.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

The PC version has better music quality compared to the FM Towns version.

Roland MT-32 ROMs

To use MT-32 emulation, you want the files ctrl_mt32_1_07.rom and pcm_mt32.rom

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