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Apple I
Developer Apple Computer Company
Type Computer
Release date April 11, 1976
Discontinued September 30, 1977
Introductory price $666.66
Successor Apple ][

The Apple I was the first computer ever made by Apple. Released in 1976 with a retail price of $666.66, it was sold with only main board without a case and had a 6502 CPU (it also had circuitry needed to run with Motorola 6800 CPU instead of 6502) at 1 MHz with 4KB of RAM and a 40x24 text mode. It had an advantage over other computers of the era by including a keyboard circuit and terminal for video output on its board. After the computer was released, Apple released an Apple Cassette Interface, allowing users to use cassette tapes for data storage.


Name Platform(s) Latest Version FLOSS Active Recommended
PC / x86
MAME         0.266
OpenEmulator   1.0.5 ~
Pom1     v1.0.0 ~
Apple1js   git
Sim6502   0.1d
CocoaPom (Java)   v0.1
Apple 1 Emulator   1.4 ?
Mobile / ARM
Pom1   v1.0.0
Green Delicious Apple-1 Emulator   (11 May 2013)
PomDS   2.0



Software compatibility is good. The sound processing of MAME's Apple I driver used to be in a preliminary status, but now that error has been fixed, since the system is supposed to have no sound, according to the MAME driver for the system.

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