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Apple I
Developer Apple Computer, Inc.
Type Computer
Release date April 11, 1976
Discontinued September 30, 1977
Successor Apple ][

The Apple I was the first computer ever made by Apple. Released in 1976, it was sold for $666.66 in a kit. It had a 6502 CPU at 1 MHz with 4KB of RAM. It had a 40x24 text mode and a 280x192 B&W mode. It had hardware-implemented scrolling, which gave it an advantage over some consoles of the day.


Name Platform(s) Latest Version FLOSS Active Recommended
PC / x86
MAME         0.258
OpenEmulator   1.0.5 ~
Pom1     v1.0.0 ~
Apple1js   git
Sim6502   0.1d
CocoaPom (Java)   v0.1
Apple 1 Emulator   1.4 ?
Mobile / ARM
Pom1   v1.0.0
Green Delicious Apple-1 Emulator   (11 May 2013)
PomDS   2.0



Software compatibility is good. The sound processing of MAME's Apple I driver used to be in a preliminary status, but now that error has been fixed, since the system is supposed to have no sound, according to the MAME driver for the system.

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