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Apple ][
Apple IIe 001b.jpg
Apple IIc with monitor.jpg
Apple IIc Plus (front).jpg
First, Apple ][.
Second, Apple ][+.
Third, Apple //e.
Fourth, Apple IIc.
Fifth, Apple //e Enhanced.
Sixth, Apple //e Platinum.
Seventh, Apple IIc Plus.
Developer Apple Computer, Inc.
Type Computers
Release date June 1977
Discontinued November 1993
Predecessor Apple I
Successor apple ///

The Apple ][ line of computers is the line that put Apple on the map and is now one of Apple's most successful line of computers. Steve Wozniak wanted to make a computer that was, "...small, reliable, convenient to use and inexpensive."


Name Operating System(s) Latest Version Apple ][ Emulation Apple ][+ Emulation Apple //e Emulation Apple IIc Emulation Apple //e Enhanced Emulation Apple //e Platinum Emulation Apple IIc Plus Emulation Active Recommended
MAME Multi-platform 0.230
AppleWin Windows v1.27.12.0
DarcNES Multi-platform 9b0401/9b0313
KEGS Windows v0.91 ?
BizHawk Windows 2.3.1 ? ?
WiiApple Wii 0.07 ? ?
Apple II Portable PlayStation Portable 0.1-0173
A2DS Nintendo DS ?
AppleIIjs Web Browser (Java) ?
Virtual Apple II Web Browser 4.5


Apple ][

The Apple ][ was released in June of '77 and retailed for $1,298 ($5,407.66 in 2018 money) and had a 6502 CPU at 1.023 MHz, 4KB of RAM, a cassette tape for storage, a 1-bit speaker, 7 expansion slots, it's keyboard was only uppercase, a low-res 40x48 16-color graphics mode, and a hi-res 280x192 6-color graphics mode.

Apple ][+

The Apple ][+ was released in June of '79 and retailed for $1,195 ($4,179.77 in 2018 money) and had the same 6502 CPU, 16KB of RAM, the same graphics modes, speaker, expansion slots, and keyboard as the original.

Apple //e

The Apple //e was released in January of '83 and had the same CPU and expansion slots as the Apple ][, 64KB of RAM, had a full ASCII keyboard, it introduced the double-low-resolution graphics mode which had a resolution of 80x48 in 16-color, and a double-high-resolution of 560×192 in 16 colors.

Apple IIc

The Apple IIc was released on April 24, 1984 and retailed for $1,295 ($3,176.39 in 2018 money) and had a 65C02 CPU at 1.023 MHz, 128KB of RAM, same graphics modes, speaker, as the Apple //e, it had built-in storage, and a built in 140KB single sided 5.25-inch floppy drive. It did not have any expansion slots.

Apple //e Enhanced

The Apple //e Enhanced was released in March of '85 and was a Apple //e but with a 65C02 CPU at 1.023 MHz.

Apple //e Platinum

The Apple //e Platinum was just an Apple //e Enhanced but with a full numeric keypad and 128KB of RAM.

Apple IIc Plus

The Apple IIc Plus was released in April of '88 and retailed for $675 ($1,424.85 in 2018 money) and had a 65C02 CPU at 1MHz or 4MHz (it was user selectable for older programs), 8KB SRAM cache, same RAM, graphics modes, speaker as the Apple //e Platinum, and a built in 800KB double sided 3.5-inch floppy drive.

Apple Inc.
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