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Apple III
Developer Apple Computer, Inc.
Type Computers
Release date 1980
Discontinued 1984
Predecessor Apple II

The Apple III is mostly a souped-up Apple II that melted its own guts and made the FCC mad.


apple III

The apple III was released in May of '80 and retailed for $4340 and had a 6502A CPU at 1.8 MHz, 128K of RAM, a 80-column, 24-line display, 6-bit audio, built in 140KB 5.25-inch floppy drive, two graphics modes 560x192 in black and white and 280x192 with 16 colors or shades of gray. It had 4 expansion slots.

apple III Revised

The apple III was released in the second half of '81 and retailed for $3495. The reason for this is that the public had found a flaw in the logic board design so Apple had to pull the III off shelves and re-release it. This re-release had 256KB of RAM as standard. The FCC made Apple discontinue the apple III Revised because Apple didn't change the name.

apple III Plus

The apple III Plus was released in December of 1983 and it retailed for $2995, after Apple had to discontinue the apple III Revised because they did not change the computer's name after they modified it, they re-re-released it with a built-in clock, 55-watt power supply, and a //e-like keyboard.


Name Platform(s) Latest Version III III Revised III Plus FLOSS Active Recommended
PC / x86
MAME Windows Linux macOS FreeBSD 0.264
Sara macOS 0.5.1 ? ?

This computer doesn't have too many emulators because of how bad it flopped. The first one that fully works is MAME.

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