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1964 vector.png
Developer(s) Rice and schibo (Joel Middendorf)
Latest version r139 [+]
Active No
Platform(s) Windows
Emulates Nintendo 64
Programmed in C, C++
License GNU GPLv2
Source code code.google.com
GitHub (1964js)

1964 is an open-source Nintendo 64 emulator. It was one of the most popular emulators around, but has been superseded by more modern, accurate emulators.



  Latest releases
r139 is the newest build

  Older releases


The graphics engine (plugin?) supplied with it is co-author Rice's work based on the one from Daedalus and is today infamous for its inaccuracy in many games. Back in the 2000's decade, it was the most famous alternative to Project64's support for so many games; although its low-end system support and GUI stability on some processors were weak. Among the elder N64 emulators, this one featured the strongest NetPlay implementation next to only the replaced Mupen64k project. It also had at its peak popularity the widest support for GameShark cheat codes and features the ability of assigning certain plugins to certain games (very useful for N64 emulation in particular).


1964js is the first N64 emulator written in JavaScript (CoffeeScript to JS). It is (kind of) a port of the N64 emulator for Windows called 1964. 1964 was written in C and C++ for Windows. Its GitHub page is still active as of 2018.

To quote the authors at Schibo's official blog, the initial goal of this project was to see how well Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript compiler performs. Instead of building a traditional dynarec (JIT compiler) as they did for 1964 for Windows which translated MIPS directly to x86, 1964js dynamically writes JavaScript to the web page by reversing MIPS code to JavaScript. This JavaScript represents blocks of rom code. Then, if using Chrome for instance, Google's V8 compiler compiles the JavaScript to native code for the authors automatically.

By pure coincidence, another JavaScript N64 emulator, n64js, also came out at around the same time as 1964js as well!. It was developed by StrmnNrmn (Full: Storming Norman. Real name: Paul Holden from the UK, aka 'hulkholden' at his GitHub profile), author of Daedalus, another old N64 emulator. Its GitHub page was last updated at end of 2016, as of 2019.

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