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Virtualbox logo.png
Developer(s) Oracle Corporation
Latest version 6.1.38 [+]
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Architecture(s) x86-64
Type Hypervisor
License Open-source

Oracle VM VirtualBox (also known simply as VirtualBox) is a virtualization software and hypervisor developed by Oracle Corporation. Originally produced by Innotek in 2006, which was acquired by Sun Microsystems Inc., which, in turn, was acquired by Oracle Corporation. It's released for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and BSD. It has support for a wide range of guest operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, BSD, MS-DOS, OS/2 etc., thus even being able to play games made for these platforms. However, It's Video RAM (VRAM) limit is 128MB, and with 2D hardware acceleration, 256MB. So, today's video games made for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux may not work smoothly. It's better to use alternatives such as VMware Workstation and QEMU to play these games made for those platforms.


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