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Other Emulators[edit]

There are two other emulators available that is not Mame/Mess. Those being Unununium which is an older one that works but has various graphical errors from The other is a newly developed emulator that's quickly getting high compatibility known as V,Frown which unlike even Mame/Mess already has some more fleshed out debug features. Unununium is on GitHub, while V,Frown while not publicly available the progress can be seen on a Discord server dedicated to homebrew development of the V,smile. Unununium is only for Mac, while V,Frown is only on Linux. I was wondering if I could add the columns for the missing emulators, or at the least for Unununium the only one I mentioned with a public release. Was unsure if posting the link to the Discord server that the emulator is being worked from was allowed, same with linking the GitHub for Unununium. Tehsuparhackr (talk) 23:39, 12 October 2022 (UTC)