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"Comparison to alternatives MiSTer FPGA has reached the point where it has surpassed the commercial offerings from Analogue, as well as other open source FPGA developments like MiST, SiDi, etc."

Really? It's pretty hard statment. You know, I'm also fan of FPGA emulation, especially Mister project, but there isdifference between be a fan and be a blindless fanboy. So what exactly means "surpassed" in this statment? In fact Mister project have own shortbacks in comparision to both, software emulation and alternatives FPGA devices. It is realy hard to tell if Mister surpassed any of alternatives. Yes, it have a lot of cores, much more than any Analogue console and more than Mist. But quality of these cores vary, and no one never maked any comparision between similar cores on difeerent FPGA projects. But in opposit to Analogue still not support direct input or real CDs or cartridges. For original media colectors Mister project is not even close to any Analogue console. The same for players, who wants to plays lightgun games on their CRTs. Lightgun emulation with mouse is a poor replacment for real lightguns.

Mister probably will make progress in future, maybe new hardware will come, maybe somone will discover method for direct input, but at this point, Mister not only didn't "surpassed" any alternative, but also is no competing with in the same game. Mister is hardware multiemulation box, Analogue consoles trying to be hardware replacment with HDMI.