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Recommended N64 plugins

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*[ z64gl] - A hardware-accelerated, low-level plugin developed by ziggy. It has the capability to render at the N64's native resolution in case you don't like super sharp polygons with low-res textures. It also includes experimental multi-threading support. Requirements may be heavier than Jabo's and Glide64, and configuration requires editing the config file directly. Needs an LLE RSP plugin, such as the bundled z64 RSP or Project64's RSP plugin set to LLE graphics. Overall, it tends to be a little glitchy, but it is one of the only plugins capable of properly displaying difficult games such as Rogue Squadron. Has not seen an update in years, so its bugs will likely never be fixed, though it kind of lives on as part of GLideN64's LLE mode.
*[ HatCat/Angrylion's Pixel-Accurate N64 Plugin] - A software-rendered, hardware-accurate plugin, developed by Angrylion, and currently being optimized by HatCat. As the most accurate N64 renderer in existence (as well as the slowest), it is capable of playing almost every single game in the N64 library with no issues, fixing even notorious cases such as the Pokemon Snap red dot and the Body Harvest bridge. However, because of its sheer intensiveness, it is currently little more than a curiosity. Try it out if you have a tricked-out rig and want to test your CPU's mettle. Options include being able to disable the VI filters (which gives a speed boost), as well as set custom resolutions. As of recent versions, it now uses OpenGL, and supports Linux.
*[ GLideN64] - A plugin being developed by the maker of Glide64, though its code is actually originally based on gln64 (with combiner hacks from Glide64 and LLE code from z64gl). The plugin currently supports mip-mapping, emulation of low-level triangles, microcode of some games, gamma correction, flat and prim shading, VI emulation, and LLE graphics (though defaults to HLE). It currently fixes numerous long-standing issues in games, and is capable of smoothly emulating advanced framebuffer effects in hardware that Glide64 and Jabo could not without resorting to software and murdering the framerate in the process. It also supports several enhancements, such as hi-res custom texture support, AA and AF, a widescreen hack, and even some shaders. However, it requires at least OpenGL 3.x, and OpenGL 4.x for some advanced functions, making this plugin very toaster-unfriendly. It is also not without its share of issues and regressions on some games compared to Glide64. Its LLE mode is also much slower than even z64gl, and some of the plugin's features are broken in this mode.

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