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{{Infoboxemulator|image logo = Kawaks.png|first logowidth = 120|version = 1.6465|second active = No|third platform = [[Emulators on Windows|Windows]]|fourth target = Kawak [[Neo Geo emulators|Neo Geo]]<br/>CPS1<br/>CPS2|developer = Kawaks Team|fifth website =|sixth = Closed Source
'''Kawaks ''' is a closed-source emulator for [[Neo Geo and variants|Neo-Geo, Capcom ]] and the CPS1 and CPS2 emulatorsystems by Capcom.
{| cellpadding="4"|-|align=center|{{Icon|Win-big}}|'''[ CPS-2 Shock] (1.64)'''|-|align=center|{{Icon|Win-big}}|'''[ WinKawaks] (1.63)'''|}
==NetPlayNetplay==Kawaks uses uses [ Kaillera] client.
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| '''PROS''' ||
*More simplistic, user -friendly UI*It's catered specifically towards Neo-Geo, Capcom CPS1 and CPS2 games
*In-game chat
| '''CONS''' ||
*It doesn't does not emulate EVERY Neo-Geo, Capcom CPS1 and CPS CPS2 game
*It only works with the stock Kaillera client or P2P client. It freezes/crashes when using the multiplayer client.
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