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Supports both Kawaks is a Neo-Geo and , Capcom (CPS1/2) gamesand CPS2 emulator.
[ CPS-2 Shock] (1.64)[ WinKawaks](1.63)
Kawaks uses [ Kaillera] client.
{| class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed wikitable"! colspan=2 width="250"|Review=====Pros===|-| '''PROS''' ||
*More simplistic, user friendly UI
*It's catered specifically towards Neo-Geo, CPS1 and CPS2 games
*In-game chat
===Cons===|-| '''CONS''' ||
*It doesn't emulate EVERY Neo-Geo, CPS1 and CPS game
*It only works with the stock Kaillera client or P2P client. It freezes/crashes when using the multiplayer client.
|-==How to==| '''HOW TO''' ||
*Replace the kailleraclient.dll inside the "kaillera" folder in the emulator directory with the one called v0r7 it doesn't support Multiplayer clients AFAIK
*Place your game(s) ZIPPED inside the "roms" folder in the emulator directory (if it doesn't exist, create one)
In order to set your controls, you need to go to do so while a game is running. Press 'T' to talk while in-game.
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