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Android emulators

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You forgot to mention AMI's DuOS
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* '''andyroid works''' too, though the company behind it did adware before previously.
* '''DuOS''', not to be confused with a [ similarly-named Nintendo DS emulator] by Roor, is a relative newcomer to the Android emulation market, made by American Megatrends i.e. the very same people behind the BIOS/UEFI firmware your PC may be using. Emulation is modest at best, with games and apps such as [[DraStic]] struggling on lower-end hardware. And to top it all off, it ain't free either.
* Recently, '''Google Chrome''' can open apk files too, though their emulation on PC is average at best. Here's a [ compatibility list] and a dedicated subreddit.
* [ androidAndroid-x86] can be a decent alternative too if run inside virtualbox.
==Emulation of other Mobile Phones==
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