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{{Infoboxemulator|image title = stella|logo = Stella_title.gif|first version = 3.9.3{{StellaVer}}|second active = Yes|third platform = Multi-platform|target = Windows, Linux, OS X[[Atari 2600 emulators|Atari 2600]]|fourth developer = [httphttps://stella-emu.sourceforgegithub.netio/theteam.php html Stella Team]|fifth accuracy = Cycle-Accurate|prog-lang = C++, C|website = [httphttps://stella-emu.sourceforgegithub.netio/]|sixth support = [httphttps://sourceforgestella-emu.github.netio/projectsdonations.html Donations]|license = GNU GPLv2|source = [https:/stella/ SourceForgestella GitHub]}}'''Stella''' is an open-source, multi-platform [[Atari 2600 emulators|Atari 2600]] emulator.
==Download=={| cellpadding="4"|-|align=center|{{Icon|Win|Lin|Mac}}|'''Stella[ Stable Releases]''' is an open source, multi|-platform [[Atari 2600 emulators|colspan="3"|Atari 2600]] emulator.<hr/>|-|align==Downloads==center|{{Icon|Win-big}}*|[ Windows Dev Buildsbuilds]<br><small>Compiled by emucr</small>*[ Stable Releases]|}
Stella is also available as a [[libretro]] core for [[RetroArch]], albeit an older version (3.4.1).
Some may say that emulating an Atari has no point, since the games were so simplistic due to hardware limitations of the time that gaming has far surpassed them. However, if you have a curiosity for Atari despite not being born in the era, or if you just want to re-live some nostalgic memories, this emulator is great. It also has some television filters to up the nostalgia factor.
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