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:The name of the console. If no value is given, it will default to the name of the page instead, so it's highly recommended to set the parameter yourself.
:Optional. Should be used for the logo of the console (if it exists). Optional.
:Also optional. Set the width of the logo. Might be useful for logos that either exceed the size of the infobox, or have a more vertical (and thus uncomfortable) aspect ratio. Also optional.
;<code>image</code>, <code>image2</code>, <code>image3</code>, <code>image4</code>, <code>image5</code>, <code>image6</code>, <code>image7</code>, <code>image8</code>, <code>image9</code>, and <code>image10</code>
:Optional but recommended. Used to put console images in. The extra numbered parameters exist for cases where there are more than one image, possibly to represent different forms (like [[Nintendo Switch emulators]]) or different models (like [[PC Engine (TurboGrafx-16) emulators]]). The extras can also be used without the presence of the first <code>image</code> parameter, but this isn't recommended. Optional but recommended.
;<code>imagewidth</code>, <code>imagewidth2</code>, <code>imagewidth3</code>, <code>imagewidth4</code>, <code>imagewidth5</code>, <code>imagewidth6</code>, <code>imagewidth7</code>, <code>imagewidth8</code>, <code>imagewidth9</code>, and <code>imagewidth10</code>
:Used to set the width of the images. Optional.
:Optional. Used to put a caption in. Describe both images if you use both parameters. Optional.
:Optional but recommended. Who's making the console? If the console was discontinued, then who ''made'' the console?Optional but recommended.
:Optional but recommended. What type of console is it? "Home video game console" or "Handheld game console" are the two biggest examples though you may find <code>"Handheld" game console</code> on pages like [[Virtual Boy emulators]]. Optional but recommended.
:What generation was this console released in? Wikipedia has a comprehensive list, but you can also see [[:Category:Consoles|our category for consoles]]. Optional but recommended.
:What console came after this one? Optional.
:Is this console unofficially emulated? Required.
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