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{{Infoboxemulator|title = stella|image logo = Stella_title.gif|first version = 3.9.2{{StellaVer}}|second active = Yes|third platform = Windows, Linux, OS XMulti-platform|fourth target = Bradford W. Mott, Stephen Anthony[[Atari 2600 emulators|Atari 2600]]|fifth developer = [httphttps://stella-emu.sourceforgegithub.netio/ SourceForgetheteam.html Stella Team]|sixth accuracy = Cycle-Accurate|prog-lang = C++, C|website = [http]|support = [https://stella-3emu.9github.2-srcio/donations.tarhtml Donations]|license = GNU GPLv2|source = [https://github.gzcom/download?use_mirror=softlayerstella-dal&download= SourceForgeemu/stella GitHub]}}'''Stella''' is an open -source, multi-platform [[Atari 2600 emulators|Atari 2600]] emulator. ==DownloadsDownload=={| cellpadding="4"|-|align=center|{{Icon|Win|Lin|Mac}}|'''[ Stable Releases]'''|-|colspan="3"|<hr/>|-|align=center|{{Icon|Win-big}}*|[ Windows Dev Buildsbuilds]<br><small>Compiled by emucr</small>|}*[ Stable Releases]
Stella is also available as a [[libretro]] core for [[RetroArch]], albeit an older version . It has some television filters to up the nostalgia factor. ==Links==[ SDL 2.0.] You need this as it's required to run Stella (3and some versions aren't packaged with it.4) It's easy to install.1)It's just a .dll that you drop into your Stella folder
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