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PC-FX emulators

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The '''PC-FX''' was a [[wikipedia:Nec|NEC]]'s fifth generation home video game console that was only released in Japan on December 23, 1994 and it had a NEC V810 CPU at 21.5 MHz with 2MB of RAM, 1MB of SRAM, 256KB of VRAM and without 3D graphics support. It also had something called "Back-up RAM", of which it has 32KB.
The PC-FXGA (GA stands for '''G'''ame '''A'''ccelerator) was a series of computer boards and sports the same hardware as a regular PC-FX with the exception of an additional processor the '''HuC6273''' that can handle 3D graphics. PC-FXGA is used to play PC-FX games on a [[NEC PC-9800 series|PC-9800]] series computer and DOS/V IBM compatible computers but also makes possible for enthusiast to develop their own games.
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