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Nintendo 64 emulators

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The '''Nintendo 64''' is a 64-bit fifth-generation console released by Nintendo on September 29, 1996 for {{inflation|USD|199.99|1996}}.
===Voice Recognition Unit emulation===
The Voice Recognition Unit (VRU) is an accessory used primarily by ''Hey You, Pikachu''. No emulator or input plugin supports this, although there is an on-going effort to get it working.<ref name="emutalk">{{cite web|url=|title=Hey You! Pikachu - Possible HLE Implementation|publisher=emutalk|accessdate=2018-06-17|date=2014-10-27, Last edit: 2016-04-04}}</ref>
* CEN64, like Project64, had 64DD emulation ported to it from MAME. However, it focuses on accuracy and plays much slower than other emulators, aside from the 64DD emulation itself is imperfect.
==Hardware variants==
===iQue Player emulation===
Before the GBA, DS, and 3DS, Nintendo released a modified version of their Nintendo 64 system for the Chinese market, which was called the iQue Player, through their not-quite-subsidiary iQue. Fourteen games were translated into Simplified Chinese, including Sin and Punishment, Ocarina of Time (the Majora's Mask port was canceled), Super Mario 64, and others.

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