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Nintendo DS emulators

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melonDS, as of October 2 2021 has in-built frmware support.
;[[melonDS]]: Unlike DeSmuME, melonDS can use wifi, and has some DSi support. However, it does require the DS BIOS. In terms of being user-friendly, options in melonDS are more simplified. Has similar DS game compatibility as DeSmuME. Both can run games at a higher internal resolution (sharper 3D objects) and can open roms inside an archive (zip, rar, 7z). Both can display the two screens in a variety of ways, but melonDS has a hybrid mode. [ (Example)] While the developers of No$GBA had documented the Wi-Fi capabilities first, melonDS is the first and only emulator that's gotten as far as it has and it has been found to work reasonably well with a handful of games. melonDS does not have custom file paths yet (all saves will be created where the rom is). Switching to OpenGL in core options may give a performance boost.
;[[DeSmuME]]: DeSmuME has had significant improvements since 2018, though new features are still in development and are only available through either nightly/dev builds. It now uses less CPU/GPU resources, and Wi-Fi is also underway. The latest "Stable" build is no longer recommended as it's over 5 years old and lacks any new features. If you do run into issues on the dev builds, then try switching back to the last stable build (see [[Common Problems and Solutions]] for tips).
;[[DraStic]]: A payware, closed-source emulator for [[Android emulators|Android]] devices that can run games at a decent speed even on potato phones. It's on par with (or in some cases better than) DeSmuME, and emulating it through BlueStacks on PC may actually be a viable and fast alternative aside from a slight input delay. Some rumors have spread around that the developers deliberately put in issues to mess with pirated copies, though this is considered unsubstantiated. At the very least, you shouldn't expect any support from Exophase and company if you use a pirated copy, though it is available for free on the Raspberry Pi and Odroid via RetroPie.
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