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GBA e-Reader emulators

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* (i) means incomplete: these emulators will not recognize the games they're connected to. Normally, after choosing "Connection/to Game Boy Advance", the e-Reader should have "(Game Name) Game Data" pre-loaded in its internal EEPROM memory and appearing in a tiny black box on-screen, but this can't happen in either [[No$|No$GBA]], [[VisualBoy Advance#VBA-M|VBA-M]], or VBA e-Reader mods. Without this step done, scanning e-Cards will just yield an error message. mGBA can emulate this correctly on the latest development version.
:e-Reader/GBA game pack emulation in these emulators can be still reached by ripping a save game from '''real e-Reader hardware''', with this step already done. Using this save with the e-Reader BIOS, it's possible to connect to the GBA game pack, and scan e-Cards... though it's a very less-than-ideal solution and only pre-baked e-Reader save files for Super Mario Advance 4 (U), Pokémon Emerald (J), LeafGreen (J) and FireRed (J). MGBA can emulate this correctly on the latest development version.
* No known emulators yet support e-Reader / GameCube connectivity.
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