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'''flycast''' is an open-source [[Sega Dreamcast emulators|Dreamcast emulator]] produced currently for [[Android emulators|Android]], Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. It is an a fork based off of [[reicast]], existing another Dreamcast emulator for Windows, Linux and Android, respectively. It has an a work-in-progress wiki avaliable available [ right here], which is intended to have useful complete with guides and information about certain features and guides on how to use
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Flycast requires an a GPU that supports at least OpenGL 3.0 or Open GL OpenGL ES 2.0. A Dreamcast BIOS file is optional , but NAOMI and Atomiswave BIOS files are required. It has support for almost all Dreamcast games, including compatibility with Windows CE games, as well as almost all NAOMI and Atomiswave games; using the latest MAME ROMs, or using .DAT/BIN and .LST files (which were needed for reicast/NullDC NAOMI; but it is not recommended to use over the MAME ROMs, specially because of no EEPROM support if using .LST), or ; using the MAME ROM. On top of that, it It also has support for the following features:
*Emulating standard Dreamcast controllers, Keyboard, Mouse, Light-Gun (with your mouse), Twin Sticks, and even the ASCII Mission Stick
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