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Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulators

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Backwards-compatible GBA emulators
====Backwards-compatible GBA emulators====
;[[VisualBoy Advance#VBA-M|VisualBoy Advance-M <small>(VBA-M)</small>]]:Go-to emulator for both GBA and GB/C.
;[[mGBA]]:Primarily emulates the [[Game Boy Advance emulators|Game Boy Advance]] but it also includes GB/C support much like the original system. It's still in development, but it's already on the level of many other emulators.
;[[GBE+]]:A recently rewritten emulator that has a large effort in preserving the functions of [[#Game Boy Features|obscure accessories]] that other emulators don't focus on. It can also load custom tiles in games, including colorized tiles for original Game Boy titles.
;[[VisualBoy Advance#VBA-M|VisualBoy Advance-M <small>(VBA-M)</small>]]:Used to be the go-to for Game Boy Advance emulation and even included solid GB/C emulation. It's now behind [[mGBA]] on both fronts.
====[[Multi-system emulators]]====
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