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Game Boy Advance emulators

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:;[[VisualBoy Advance#VBA-M|Visual Boy Advance-M (VBA-M)]]:A fork with additional improvements. The SVN1507 build is the only recommended one, as it is perfectly stable and is the best GBA emulator to date. VBA-M after the 2.0 releases became riddled with stability and performance problems.
::;VBA-Next:A [[RetroArch]] fork from an older revision of VBA-M with added speedhacks and tweaks, making it useful for lower-end devices. A bit less accurate in some respects, but fixes a few games such as Advance Wars 2.
;[[mGBA]]:Aims for accuracy, speed, and features. It's actively developed and has features VBA-M lacks such as a Tilt Sensor, and more recently Game Boy Camera support. Performance is still a problem, as it lacks support for the fast Direct3D and DirectSound efficient DirectX APIs.
;[[higan]]:Its GBA core is cycle-accurate as of v095, but it is behind in terms of performance compared to mGBA and VBA-M.
;[[gpSP]]:Its last official version was 0.9. There are, however, two forks of interest: [ gpSPmod], and [ gpSP-J]. gpSP-J has superior compatibility, while gpSPmod has more options for customization (full screen, cheats, etc). Both are superior to Kai.
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