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Sega Dreamcast emulators

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;[[DEmul]]:Has the highest compatibility and accuracy, but is Windows-only and closed-source. It supports Windows CE games, but in general, they run worse than standard Dreamcast titles. It's also more resource-intensive than other emulators.;[[redream]]:Runs on Windows, MacOSmacOS, Linux , and Android. Compatible with [ 85+% of the Dreamcast library] (no Windows CE support), has a good user interface, is easy to set up , and can run without a BIOS. Runs on [ low-end machines] provided that they support OpenGL 3.1. There's a payware premium version which that provides high-definition rendering.
;[[nullDC]]:Can run a lot of games at great speed on mid-end PC but is no longer developed.:;[[reicast]]:Eventually , nullDC's author forked his own project into reicast, with the main objective to widen platform availability to smartphones and tablets. While wider availability is generally a good thing, this resulted in cutting accuracy corners from the nullDC codebase to achieve the speed goals necessary to run on these platforms. Advancements in mobile hardware should have led to the removal of such "hacks"; however lack of developer resources and interest led to long delays in Reicast development, and the codebase remained virtually untouched for years before the RetroArch team began working with it as part of a "Reicast core", later named Flycast.:;[[reicast#Libretro_core|Flycast]]:Fork of reicast avaliable available as an a standalone emulator and as an a [[libretro]] core. libretro Libretro collaborators, primarily [ flyinghead], dramatically improved Reicast in areas such as graphics, input, system clock, and Dreamcast VMU. Atomiswave and NAOMI SH-4-based arcade systems have also been added to great fanfare<ref name="flycastnaomi"></ref>, along with support for MAME's popular CHD format. Even full MMU support, which is needed to run WinCE-based games such as "Armada", "Half-Life" and "SEGA Rally Championship 2", has recently been tackled through an experimental branch (anyone following Dreamcast emulation over the years understands what a tough nut this is to crack). Aside from some audio stuttering issues in games such as "Looney Toons Space Race" and "Resident Evil: Code Veronica", this is a highly compatible and accurate emulator.
;[[Makaron]]:One of the only two closed-source Dreamcast emulators that can properly play Windows CE games.
==Emulation issues==
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