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'''No Intel Mac emulators exist.''' However, using [https{| class="wikitable" style="text-align:// macOS Unlocker for VMware], for example, you can patch VMware products to run macOS in a virtual machine. [ A script] has also emerged that allows one to install macOS Mojave in VirtualBox. If you want to run modern macOS software without a Mac, those are your two best options outside of doing a Hackintosh/OSx86 setup. There is also the work in progress center;"|-! scope="col"|Name! scope="col"|Platform(s)! scope="col"|Latest Version! scope="col"|Active! scope="col"|[[DarlingRecommended Emulators|Recommended]] [[Compatibility layers|-!colspan="5"|PC / x86|-|Rosetta 2|align=left|{{Icon|macOS}}|compatibility layer]] for running Intel macOS software on Linux. This project is similar to [[Wine]] but currently only has experimental support for GUI applications.11 “Big Sur” (Apple Silicon) (Upcoming)|{{✓}} ||{{✓}}|-|}
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