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Xbox 360 emulators

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Have FUN{{Infobox console|title = Xbox 360|logo = Xbox_360.png|developer = [[:Microsoft]]|type = [[:Category:Consoles|Home video game console]]|generation = [[:Category:Seventh-generation video game consoles|Seventh generation]]|release = 2005|discontinued = 2016|predecessor = [[Xbox emulators|Xbox]]|successor = [[Xbox One emulators|Xbox One]]|emulated = {{~}}}}The '''[[Wikipedia:Xbox 360|Xbox 360]]''' is a seventh-generation console released by Microsoft on November 22, 2005 and retailed for {{inflation|USD|399|2005}}. It had a PowerPC Tri-Core Xenon CPU at 3.2 GHz with 512MB of RAM. It had an ATI Xenos GPU. The console's life saw several updates to its OS to alter its appearance, as well as the option of a motion-sensing camera called the [[wikipedia:Kinect|Kinect]]. ==Emulators=={| class="wikitable" style="text-align:center;"|-! scope="col"|Name!scope="col"|Platform(s)!scope="col"|Latest Version! scope="col"|Active! scope="col"|[[Recommended Emulators|Recommended]]|-! colspan="5"|PC / x86|-|[[Xenia]]|align=left|{{Icon|Windows|Linux}}|[ Git]|{{✓}}|{{~}}|-! colspan="5"|Consoles|-|[[Fission]]|align=left|{{Icon|XB1}}|Patch based|{{✓}}|{{✓}}|} ===Comparisons===;[[Xenia]]:The emulator that's made it the furthest so far. Progress on it is surprisingly fast. Only a relatively small number of games are playable, though, and those that are playable largely have issues and run slowly.  :The devs have no plans on releasing Xenia for Windows 7 at this time.:The new DirectX12 branch making significant progress is only available for Windows 10. ;[[Fission]]:The official emulator on the [[Xbox One emulators|Xbox One]] supports a growing (500+) [[wikipedia:List of Xbox 360 games compatible with Xbox One|list of games]]. Load times are faster, but emulation suffers from input lag due to forced [[vsync]]. Beyond this, playback is incredibly faithful to the original system. Xbox One X improves on the emulation further with better framerate, texture filtering and higher resolution in some games. Note that an Internet connection is required on the first run of each game to download. ==Emulation issues==Due to requiring a large number of resources (see [[Dolphin]] and [[PCSX2]] for specifications for their respective consoles), as well as the hardware not being properly documented yet, '''Xbox 360 emulation currently isn't at a point where people can reliably emulate games.''' However, Xenia is quickly making progress on that front. That, plus the fact that Microsoft has implemented their own official emulation of the system through the Xbox One brings much promise to successfully emulating the system in the future. ==Kinect== The [[wikipedia:Kinect|Kinect]] is a device that works just like the [ EyeToy] for the [[PlayStation_2_emulators|PS2]]. It is a camera capable of detecting gestures and voices in order to play games without any controllers unlike the [[Wii_emulators|Wii]] and its Wiimote; and the [[PlayStation_3_emulators|PS3]] and its PlayStation Move.While benefiting from native support on PC, users still made [ open-source drivers] for it. [[Xenia]] is the only Xbox 360 emulator out there yet, and it doesn't support Kinect and no work is getting done in this direction. That does not mean that we will never be able to play Kinect Games with it, it just means that developers have higher-level or prioritized issues to tackle at the moment. ==References=={{reflist}} [[Category:Consoles]][[Category:Seventh-generation video game consoles]][[Category:Microsoft Corporation LTD 2020consoles]][[Category:Very early emulation]][[Category:Xbox 360 emulators]]
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