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|target = [[Sega Saturn emulators|Sega Saturn]]
|developer = Shima
|website = [ Shima's Site(Defunct)]<br/>[ Shima's Twitter]<br/>[ English Tribute Site]
'''SSF''' is a closed-source [[Sega Saturn emulators|Sega Saturn emulator]] known for being the most compatible for a long time.
*[httpshttp://webaaaaaaaa.g2.archivexrea.orgcom/webssf/20190331080907if_files/ Latest Preview Version] (The "preview versions" are development builds.)*[ Android Version]*[ Latest Test Version] (The Old "test versionsbuilds" are development buildsbefore Shima's site went down.)*[ 0.12 Beta R5]
*[ 0.12 Beta R4]
*[ ''.zip Version 0.11 alpha R5'']
===Free Virtual Drive Software===
As said above one of the ways to get SSF to use disc images is using a virtual disc drive. Sadly, most of the good free ones don't work with SSF for one reason or another. They either have a bunch of adware or they don't support some formats. The ones that do work (along with some that don't) will be listed below.
As of [ Preview Version R4], you can mount CD images that use .cue and .bin files by going to Options > Peripherals, then in the ''CD Image'' section, select '''Enable''', then select the .cue file of your choosing, and restart the emulator. Mind you that this feature is still experimental, ergo the game will likely crash at certain points, so it's best to use the software below.
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