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|version = 1.1.1
|active = No
|platform = [[Emulators on Windows, |Windows]]<br/>[[Emulators on macOS, |macOS]]<br/>[[Emulators on DOS|DOS]]
|target = [[PC-FX emulators|PC-FX]]
|developer = David & Cédric Michel
|website = [ Official Site]
'''MagicEngine-FX''' is a payware, closed-source [[PC-FX emulators|PC-FX emulator]], with a free 5 minute demo version available. [[Mednafen]] is recommended over this, as Mednafen is more accurate as well as being free. It's also outdated and hasn't been updated in awhile comparing to Mednafen and even [[Ootake]].
Besides of being payware, this emulator is limited to only use physical discs. However, there is no known way to use with a [[SSF#Free Virtual Drive Software|Virtual Drive]].
[[Category:macOS emulation software]]
[[Category:DOS emulation software]]
[[Category:Closed-source emulators]]

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