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* [ m64p (2019-01-26) both 32 and 64-bit] - Last known m64p (mupen64plus + GLideN64 + a GUI) package before the project became payware
==ReviewPDP==Mupen64Plus lacks a GUI, so it may be difficult to use without using a front-end. It is run either directly from the command line with arguments or by dragging and dropping ROM files onto the executable. Unlike every other N64 emulator, Mupen64Plus uses its own plugin spec, so it is not compatible with any plugins except those specifically ported to its spec. By default, Mupen64Plus applies a ton of audio buffering, causing extremely delayed audio, more so than most other emulators. This can be mitigated by lowering the buffer settings in the mupen64plus.cfg file, though putting it too low will cause audio crackling. For improved audio latency and sync, consider using mupen64plus-libretro through RetroArch.Sub 2 PewDiePie
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