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{{Infobox emulator|title = CATSFC|logo =|logowidth =|version = 1.36|active = No <small>(Original)</small><br/>Yes <small>(libretro)</small>|platform = Multi-platform|target = [[Super Nintendo emulators|SNES]]|developer = ShadauxCat and Nebuleon|prog-lang =|website = [ GitHub]<br />[ GitHub] <small>(libretro)</small>|source =}}'''CATSFC''' is a [[Super Nintendo emulators|Super Famicom (SNES) emulator]]. It is also available as a [[libretro]] core for [[RetroArch]]. ==libretro==The libretro API has a core based on the CATSFC emulator called '''[ snes9x2005]'''. It was previously called CAT SFC. It is based on:* [[Snes9x]] 1.43, by the Snes9x team (with research by the [[ZSNES]] folks, anomie, zsKnight, etc.)* NDSSFC 1.06, by the Supercard team (porting to the MIPS processor)* BAGSFC, by BassAceGold (improving over NDSSFC)* CATSFC, by ShadauxCat and Nebuleon (improving over BAGSFC) ==External Links==* [ NDSSFC/CATSFC revival] ( thread from programmer Nebuleon. Dec 22, 2012.) [[Category:Emulators]][[Category:Super Nintendo emulators]]I AM A GAMER

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