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Clock Signal

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|version = {{clkver}}
|active = Yes
|platform = macOS<br/>Linuxand UNIXalikes
|accuracy = Subcycle
|target = [[BBC Micro emulators|Acorn Electron]], [[Amstrad CPC emulators|Amstrad CPC]], [[Apple II emulators|Apple II]], [[Atari 2600 emulators|Atari 2600]], [[ColecoVision emulators|ColecoVision]], Commodore VIC-20, [[MSX emulators|MSX 1]], Oric 1/Atmos/Pravetz, [[SG-1000 emulators|Sega SG-1000]], [[Master System emulators|Master System]], [[Sinclair ZX81 emulators|Sinclair ZX80/ZX81]]
'''Clock Signal''', also known as '''CLK''', is an MIT-licensed open-source emulator of a collection of 8-bit computers and consoles for macOS and LinuxUNIXalikes.
It is unique in its approach to screen emulation and as a result offers worst-case video latency equal to the refresh rate of the screen on which it is being displayed — 1/60th of a second on a 60Hz monitor, 1/120th of a second on a 120Hz monitor, etc — regardless of the refresh rate of the machine being emulated.

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