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Overview: Only the OpenGL-based plugins, not any others.
The first commit for Rustation was made on [ February 17, 2015], and many commits have since been added over the next two years. However, the last commit was made in [ September 2017] and was never followed up; the same is also true of the libretro core. The libretro team, meanwhile, used the work done in Rustation to create the [[Mednafen|Beetle PSX]] ''HW'' core, in which an OpenGL 3.3 renderer is used instead of the previous software renderer.<ref name="libretro-Rustation">{{cite web|url=|title=PlayStation Emulator Gets Experimental OpenGL Renderer|publisher=Phoronix|author=Michael Larabel|accessdate=2018-12-14|date=31 May 2016}}</ref> That core is said to be one of the first PlayStation emulators to use modern OpenGL, as it differs from the fixed-function OpenGL used in older OpenGL-based emulator plugins.
The original repository only contains the source code for the core of the emulator. The OpenGL renderer and the libretro interface is in the rustation-libretro repository. Game performance is poor; only a few games can boot.

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