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Overview: rewrite
The initial first commit for Rustation was uploaded to its GitHub page made on [ Feb February 17, 2015] , and many commits have since then been added over the next two years. However, the latest last commit was uploaded on made in [ September 2017] and it was not never followed up since then; and the same story is also true in of the libretro core. NeverthelessThe libretro team, meanwhile, used the libretro team had an agenda work done in adding this source code Rustation to their API in create the first place - it was to improve their other [[Mednafen|Beetle PSX core called ']] ''Mednafen/Beetle PSX HW'''core, where they added an OpenGL renderer utilizing in which an OpenGL 3.3 core context. That PlayStation emulator now supports rendering on the GPU and renderer is said to be one used instead of the first doing so for PSX that is based upon modern OpenGL. This GPU previous software renderer is based upon the work done by Rustation (Just that it was probably modified to be written in C++ for libretro/[[RetroArch]]).<ref name="libretro-Rustation">{{cite web|url=|title=PlayStation Emulator Gets Experimental OpenGL Renderer|publisher=Phoronix|author=Michael Larabel|accessdate=2018-12-14|date=31 May 2016}}</ref> That core is different said to be one of the old first PlayStation emulators to use modern OpenGL plugins for , as it differs from the plugins-reliant PSX emulators that made use of old fixed-function OpenGLused in older emulator plugins.
The original repository only contains the source code for the core of the emulator. The OpenGL renderer and the libretro interface is is in the rustation-libretro repository. Games Game performance is poor, ; only a few games can boot in.

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