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Nintendo Switch emulators

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:An open-source cross-platform emulator made by the [[Citra]] team. yuzu has seen it's development pace grow extremely fast during 2018 to the point that certains games are now fully playable.<ref>[ Yuzu - Compatibility list] </ref> Some 2D games now show correct graphics and sometimes good speed. Some 3D games are playable but almost none is running full speed.
:A lot of Nintendo Switch exclusives games are playable already but can't be considered perfect yet.<ref>[ Yuzu - Super Mario Odyssey now playable] (Oct 31, 2018)</ref><ref>[ Yuzu - Pokémon Let's Go Ingame on release day] (Nov 16, 2018)</ref>
:It is known that the devs are now working on a Vulkan renderer and continually work to improve the emulator compatibility and [[Emulation Accuracy|accuracy]]. Note that top tier Hardware is required to get decent speed in most games at the moment.
:An open-source public domain emulator programmed in C#. Compared to it's early days<ref>[ Ryujinx - This Emulators Progress is INSANE] (Jul 24, 2018)</ref>, it has now slower development than yuzu but seems to focus on full system accuracy. Most 2D games are now booting despite of confortable speeds and some 3D games are showing graphics.
:A closed-source emulator in the work since late July / August 2018. It can boot some homebrews as well as the title screen of one commercial game. This is more a one man project for personnal personal training at the moment.
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