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Clock Signal

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|logo = CLK_(emulator)_Icon.png
|developer = Thomas Harte
|version = {{clkverClkver}}
|active = Yes
|platform = macOS<br/>Linux
|accuracy = Subcycle
|target = [[BBC Micro emulators|Acorn Electron]], [[Amstrad CPC emulators|Amstrad CPC]], Apple II, [[Atari 2600 emulators|Atari 2600]], [[ColecoVision emulators|ColecoVision]], Commodore Vic-20, [[MSX emulators|MSX 1]], Oric 1/Atmos/Pravetz, [[Master System emulators|Sega Master System]], [[Sinclair ZX81 emulators|ZX80/ZX81]]
|prog-lang = C++; Mac bindings in Objective-C and Swift
|download = [ Official releases] (macOS)
'''Clock Signal''', also known as '''CLK''', is an MIT-licensed open source emulator of a collection of 8-bit computers and consoles for macOS and for Linux.
It is unique in its approach to screen emulation and as a result offers worst-case video latency equal to the refresh rate of the screen on which it is being displayed — 1/60th of a second on a 60Hz monitor, 1/120th of a second on a 120Hz monitor, etc — regardless of the refresh rate of the machine being emulated.
==Host Environments==
For macOS , Clock Signal is a fully-native document model application, which means that the user can simultaneously launch as many different machines as they want, sizing and positioning each independently across multiple displays, arranging their machines into a tabbed interface or performing any other standard Mac windowing actions.
Clock Signal also has an SDL-based kiosk mode, which is compatible with Linux and any other target offering SDL 2.x, at least OpenGL 3.2 and C++11, and which attempts to follow ordinary UNIX conventions as to file naming and locations. It is intended to be launched however the user would normally launch something from the command-line; the target use case is to set up a file association in the user's preferred desktop environment and launch emulated applications by double-clicking on them exactly like the user would launch native applications.
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