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GameCube emulators

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Comparisons: No one thinks there were no Wii emulators. There might be the second Wii emulator, but it's unknown.
*[[Dolphin]] is the emulator of choice for the GameCube, and the first and only emulator for the Wii. It's updated on a near daily basis and has very good emulation of almost every game, though some games have known bugs on their issue trackers. It is the first emulator to [ boot the full game catalog of a sixth generation home console] (Before any emulator for the same generation rivals like the Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 and Xbox) and did so on September 2016. The developers maintain a wiki containing known bugs, tips, user-provided tests, and much more for every game. System requirements are high, more so for Wii games than GameCube.
*Gekko is still in very early development after being on hiatus for many years and is nowhere near achieving Wii emulation either. For Triforce emulation, MAME is not optimized for 3D systems yet, nor is Triforce emulation very good either.
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