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'''MSXPLAYer''' is an official, commercial [[MSX emulators|MSX emulator ]] created by Bazix developers, released by Stichting Sunrise and the MSX Association. It comes with the MSX GameReader.
It plays all but 3 games (FAC demo 5, Sphere, and Magoo's Verticle Sync demo), but has many small glitches with other games. Only ~1/3rd or audio is emulated. The program is completely in Japanese and has very little in the way of configuration: no controller config, no video enhancement options, and no screenshot or savestate support. Also, copies of the emulator are given with MSX GameReaders, and as such it doesn't read disk images: you either need to use real disks or mount images in a virtual floppy disk. It's recommended to use [[BlueMSXblueMSX]] over this. Surprisingly, according to the Japanese Wikipedia page (See below) for MSXPLAYer, this emulator was based on the [[fMSX]] emulator.
<!-- The logo and name of the .exe for the leaked version is Elate. Elate is an OS made by TAO Group and is the basis for AmigaDE... which early screens of Elate/AmigaDE (for the Sharp Zaurus: February 2001 version) - showed an MSX emulator. So if I had to guess MSXPLAYer is based off that demo for a PDA, and then bundled with the later made GameReader. Picture: ... All speculation, which is why it's being hidden, but I guess it's just a little extra for those really interested in really old MSX emulators, and happen across this. -->
* [ MSXPLAYer - GameReader edition review] (By MSX Resource Center on April 21, 2005)
* [ MSX-PLAYer page] at MSX Resource Center (Last modified 13 April 2018)
* [ Japanese Wikipedia]
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