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Frames per second

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Note that in more recent consoles, such as the [[GameCube emulators|GameCube]]/[[Wii emulators|Wii]], PAL can also run in 60FPS.
With the move to 3D, however, it took much more CPU power to run games at 60FPS. Most early 3D games run at 30FPS. Some run at even lower frame rates. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, for instance, runs at 20FPSin NTSC regions, or 17 FPS in PAL regions. Star Fox runs below that.
{{Main|60 FPS Cheat Codes}}
These are speed hacks in the form of cheat codes affecting the game's internal FPS for games running at 30 FPS to get them to play at 60 FPS. However, these are often game-specific and very prone to bugs considering many of the games weren't made with 60 FPS in mind. Notably, the walking speed and animations might play at double speed, which can cause some gameplay problems like for example , making a mission impossible to beat in Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walkers Walker because the enemies are too fast.
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