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News Section - Adding another site.: new section
:Leave it until it starts running games.--[[User:SonofUgly|SonofUgly]] ([[User talk:SonofUgly|talk]]) 17:24, 14 January 2018 (EST)
::Roger dodger. [[User:F0rZ3r0|F0rZ3r0]] ([[User talk:F0rZ3r0|talk]]) 18:46, 14 January 2018 (EST)
== News Section - Adding another site. ==
It has been over 3 months since has released any information on the news section of their website. While I get the feeling the page owner will make a return at some point, perhaps it might be a good idea to add other sources to our news section so as to keep the main page up to date.
[ Zophar's domain] is an extensive emulation archival website that posts news daily. The layout of their news section seems to be similar in fashion to and has been consistently updated for the past 10 years.
My question being, is it possible to join both headlines together on Emugen's main news section so that news from both sites can be shown side-by-side? Is this even a good idea?
[[User:BlueMoonRedSun|BlueMoonRedSun]] ([[User talk:BlueMoonRedSun|talk]]) 09:51, 18 April 2018 (EDT)

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