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Game problems FAQ

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four swords has been fixed, rogue leader/rebel strike partially fixed with updated note
;The Legend of ZeldaStar Wars<nowiki>: Four Swords Adventures</nowiki> Rogue Leader/Rebel Strike:The JP version has a third modegames are playable, Navi's Trackersbut suffer from some random hangs and other issues. Click [https://wiki. The game needs VBAdolphin-M with GBA BIOS, and a recent version of Dolphinemu. The slower DSP-LLE achieves better results though DSP-HLE is still acceptable for single player GBA connectivityorg/index.;Star Warsphp?title=Star_Wars_Rogue_Squadron_II: _Rogue_Leader here] for Rogue Leader \ Rebel Strikeinfo, and [https:Both require a strong computer to run at full speed//wiki.dolphin-emu. Minor visual errors may persistorg/index. ;Star Warsphp?title=Star_Wars_Rogue_Squadron_III: The Clone Wars:The latest stable cannot boot this game. It's somehow able to define its own MMU system and change it mid-game, so luckily Dynamic MMU support is in the development builds. It requires a strong computer to run at full speed_Rebel_Strike here] for Rebel Strike info.

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