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Need Games?

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*[ Nicoblog] A site where people can share their games.
*[ Planet Emulation] Very old, weekly updated and classy French ROM site, full MAME CHDs, also good for GBA ROMs. Just click on "Telecharger" for download.
*[ Portal Roms] Torrent site for ROMs and ISOs. Mostly Nintendo stuff. Especially good for Wii U, Wii, and no-intro 3DS.
*[ World of Spectrum] For ZX Spectrum games and applications as well magazines, cover art, booklets, and much more.
* [ GameTronik]
*[] Wii U and 3DS games, including 3DS Cia and Roms; but also retro Nintendo games like NES, N64, GBA.
*[] Vita, PSP and PS1 games
*[] Mostly Wii games, but also other Nintendo games
*[] Many 'premium-only' links.
*[] 3DS games

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