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Nintendo DS emulators

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iQue DS Region Lock: Reading this again, I missed some more points.
Nintendo released their Nintendo DS in China under the name iQue DS along with a few localized games. There is one important difference, though. While the Chinese iQue DS ROMs are perfectly normal DS ROMs, they also have region locking implemented, preventing them from running on any DS system that's not the Chinese iQue DS model. (However, any 3DS from any region will run these Chinese iQue DS games, despite actual 3DS games being region-locked. Go figure.) No other DS games - not even Korean releases - do this.
If you try to emulate those ROMs with No$GBA, it just crashes. DeSmuME will at least boot, but yet DeSmuME will always show the message that shows on real (non-iQue) DS hardware - : a glowing message on a black background saying that says (in English) "Only for iQue DS" (in English) and just loop loops endlessly on that same screen. In the event you're desperate to emulate those releases, you'll want to change the ROM (with a hex editor) - specifically the byte at 0x1D must be changed from 80 to 00.
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