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PlayStation 3 emulators

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[[File:Sony-playstation-3-slim-1.jpg|thumb|The PlayStation 3 console]]The '''[[gametech:Playstation 3|PlayStation 3]]''' (known shorthand as PS3) is a console by [ Sony], released in 2006/2007. This console is notorious for being difficult to work with, due to the newly-introduced [ Cell Broadband Engine] architecture that no game developer outside of Sony has worked with prior to launch.
* [[RPCS3]] is at its very early stages, and it shows a lot of promise. It can boot quite a few commercial games right now, (albeit most of them run mostly at <1FPS, have heavy glitchesvery low fps), and crash pretty early on) and even more games can boot their splash screens. But it can also boot some commercial games at playable speed and with no major glitches.
* Nucleus is one man project aiming for LLE, some AOT emulation, and portability.
* Short Waves was made by an unknown developer. It could run a few complex tests that RPCS3 couldn't at the time it released, but it hasn't been updated since 2014.
==Emulation issues==
Due to the complexity of the Cell processor architecture, plus the fact that it would take a LOT ''lot'' of resources to get such games emulated (as an examplein comparison, see specifications in [[Dolphin]] and [[PCSX2]] for their respective consoles), '''there There is no usable emulator''' for PS3at this time.
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