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In situations where emulation of a system makes it harder to run a video game than natively, it might be worthwhile to consider playing a native port of a classic game instead. Some systems may even have inherent flaws that are avoided on other platforms. If your system of choice is a standard PC, a native port may be easier to run.

Emulation General does not aim to provide a complete list of every single port ever. Instead, we'll focus on games that are known to have issues that can be solved by using another system.

This is an official emulated release. Usually the ROM can be extracted and played in another emulator.
This is a remake, which can dramatically differ from the original game.

Console versions may be more convenient to set up. See Virtual Console games, PlayStation Store games, and/or Xbox Live Arcade games.

PC ports[edit]

It's usually preferred to use a native PC port rather than emulation.

When veteran developers port PC releases, they usually take into account the variety of potential hardware configurations their users might have and strive to have games working well even on the lowest specs. However, to any standard developer this may not be feasible (probably due to deadlines), so they may often give very little customization targeting the recommended specs and move on to the next release.

Depending on the studio, some developers may opt to release on the three main x86 platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS) but in most cases, PC ports are Windows-only (basically enforcing the catch-22 of Linux adoption) and may only get a polished but outsourced macOS port later on.

Most indie games likely have cross-platform support as a way to maximize sales, as opposed to major publishers that see cross-platform support as a hindrance to their sales.

However, sometimes ports were sloppy, and prone to bugs and/or optimization issues at sales' start (e.g. Grand Theft Auto IV and Batman: Arkham Knight) or right up to today (like Saints Row 2). Every port has its own troubles so it has to be approached on a case-by-case basis. The game may also only have very outdated options, such as only a few resolutions. It's best to check PCGamingWiki for any potential issues you might have.

Classic games may only be available for the Windows 9x family as 16-bit software, which does not run on x86_64 without some form of emulation (x86 is a different story), so getting them to work could be stressful. However, Wine can play a majority of classic titles very well. Some ports may be for DOS and are supported by DOSBox.

There are also community patches which can fix some of these issues and depend on the complexity of the game, it may have a cross-platform game engine recreation. Depending on a game's popularity, it may even have a full remake. Obscure titles may have no fixes at all.

Older games may not have good controller support as Xinput does not have backward compatibility with DirectInput. One of the most common problems in the digital pad not being recognized. In that case, button mappers like AntiMicro can be helpful.

Console versions of games superior to PC counterparts[edit]

While we live in a time where the PC versions are automatically regarded as the "definitive" ones because of the benefits the platform has over consoles, it was not always the case. This section covering games that either received poor ports where emulation is preferable, or were ported with annoying flaws that prevent the PC version to be the ultimate one, or got completely different versions compared to console titles of the same name.

Game PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 PS5 Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox One Xbox Series X/S GameCube Dreamcast PC version issues
007 Nightfire Completely different game, developed by Gearbox. Some weapons appear in the console version but not the PC version, has fewer levels than the console versions and does not implement driving mode. Had a mixed reception compared to the console's counterpart.
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Does not include foliage animation[1] and the Solid Snake outfit[2] from the console versions.
Driver: San Francisco Missing the split screen multiplayer mode and a grainy orange filter.
Based on the version for 6th generation consoles, instead on superior one for 7th generation.
FIFA 14 Based on the version for 7th generation consoles, instead on superior one for 8th generation.
FIFA 21 Based on the version for 8th generation consoles, instead on superior one for 9th generation.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Many missing effects, worse textures and different map geometry, compared to the PS2 version. Some problems can be fixed by using mods; the retail "Second Edition" (v2), Steam, and Rockstar Games Launcher versions, however, need to be downgraded to be moddable.
Metal Gear Solid FMV's don't work on modern PCs, and misses blur effects. The broken FMVs, however, been fixed in the release.
PowerSlave/Exhumed A completely different game; while the PC is a straightforward FPS get from Point A to Point B, while Sega Saturn and PS1 Versions are closer to being a 3D Metroidvania. The console versions served as a basis for the 2022 remaster for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC.
Rayman 2 The Windows version is a port of the N64 version, and is known to have issues running on modern Windows. The Dreamcast version has various changes from the Nintendo 64 and Microsoft Windows versions, including several 2D sprites being replaced by 3D models, improved texture quality and minor level design changes. The Dreamcast version also has exclusive mini-games, six hidden Glob Crystal collectables and replaces The Hall of Doors with The Isle of Doors for the world map. Michel Ancel (the director) himself has previously stated that he believes that this version is the best version of the game.

Rayman Revolution (the PS2 version) features many enhancements including new minigames and bonus challenges, upgrades to Rayman's abilities, level revisions, new music tracks, the option to switch between the gibberish from other versions and newly recorded real language voices, three new bosses, and Yellow Lum redistribution. The Hall of Doors was replaced with three central hubs, called The Minisaurus Plain, Globox's House and The Rainbow Creek, in which to walk to each level freely, play Ly's bonus challenges unlocked by freeing Revolution-exclusive prisoners called Familiar Spirits, and purchase ability upgrades or the new minigames from the Teensies with the Yellow Lums the player has collected. To date, Revolution is the only edition of Rayman 2 that lets players save when a level has been only partially completed, but like all versions of the game, it still uses manual saves. This is also the only version in which the 1,000th Yellow Lum can be obtained normally. However, despite the numerous improvements and enhancements to the gameplay, the frame rate is not as smooth as the near-constant 60fps of the Sega Dreamcast version, and certain graphical effects from that version, such as the blue ring trails that accompany a fully charged gold fist orb, are also gone. But it can reach 60fps through a hack on PCSX2.

Silent Hill 2 Missing some effects, fogs are lower quality, inferior sound quality, badly converted FMVs, and compatibility issues on modern versions of Windows and newer hardware. Many problems from the PC version can be patched using mods such as Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition.
Sonic Adventure DX Too many to list here. The GameCube version is also affected by many of the downgrades, but is playable at 60 FPS and cutscenes can be skipped. Patch the PC version with SADX Mod Installer, or just play the Dreamcast version.
Spider-Man 2 Completely different game, developed by a different studio. It was "dumbed down" for a young audience and thus featured more simplistic and less challenging gameplay.
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Different game, developed by a different studio. A remake based on the original console versions, titled "SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated" has been released on PC and 8th gen consoles.
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent The PC version is the сontroversial 7th gen version, not the superior 6th gen version.
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Shadows, water and torchlight may not render correctly on modern PCs. It is recommended to play it on the original Xbox.
Tomb Raider (1996) The PC version of the game is notorious for having missing music. Patches exist that add it from the PSX version. Note that the proper music is not a continuous soundtrack and only plays when certain events happen; to test if your version has been patched, see if the demo in Lara's Home asks you to use the joystick.
Toy Story 3 The Windows version is a port of the Wii version instead of the X360/PS3 versions, have fewer Toy Box options for gameplay and town customization, and lack a multiplayer option.

Multi-platform games with exclusive console DLCs[edit]

Sometimes games, with a almost identical version for PC and consoles, receive expansions, which available only on certain platforms.

Game Exclusive console DLC(s) PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 Xbox One
Alpha Protocol Pre-order DLCs: Exclusive Assault Pack (GameStop exclusive) and Stealth Weapons Pack (BestBuy exclusive). Both adds new weapons and extra consumables like rounds, grenades etc.
Batman: Arkham Knight '60s-themed Bat-tank
Scarecrow Nightmare Challenges
Adam West skin
Batman: Arkham Origins Knightfall Pack - 3 combat and 2 predator challenge maps and 3 skins: 60's Batman Adam West, Knightfall and New 52 Metallic. Can be unofficially unlocked on PC[3].
Dead Rising 2 Case Zero and Case West - standalone expansion packs, which increasing game story.
Dead Rising 3 Protagonist Bundle - pre-order bonus: suits of Frank West and Chuck Greene, along with two custom skill moves each, and two new combo weapons - Zombie Slugger and Paddlesaw.
Super Ultra Dead Rising 3' Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX + α - added classic a beat-em-up arcade gameplay with power-ups, bonus stages, and boss fights, themed in various Capcom media such as Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and Power Stone[4].
Dead Space Multiple packs: Astronaut, Big Gun, Elite (Xbox 360 exclusive), Heavy Damage, Hot Rod, Military, Obsidian (PlayStation 3 exclusive), Pedestrian, Scorpion, Speed Kills and Tank, which add new weapons, suits, upgrades and skins. ~ ~
Dead Space 2 Ignition Rewards - bonus items for completing exclusive for consoles puzzle game Dead Space - Ignition. Can be unofficially unlocked on PC[5].
Severed - two extra chapters.
Outbreak Map Pack - two new Multiplayer maps: the Academy (a school setting) and the Concourse - a shopping mall setting.
Heavy Rain Chronicles: Episode One - The Taxidermist - adds a extra storyline, which is prequel for main plot.
Overlord II Battle Rock Nemesis - expansion with a new arena for the Netherworld Tower.
Prince of Persia (2008) Epilogue - continues game's plot and opens the true ending.
Prototype 2 Pre-order DLCs: Bio-Bomb Butt Kicker (GameStop exclusive) and Hardened Steel Vehicle Armor (BestBuy exclusive).
Saint's Row 2 Ultor Exposed - new missions, customizations, vehicles and multiplayer maps.
Corporate Warfare - same as previous.
The Unkut Pack - adds only customization options.
Split/Second: Velocity Various "time savers": Master Unlock!, Track and Mode unlock!, Full Vehicle Unlock!, All Track and Mode Unlocks Pack, Time Savers Pack, All Vehicle Unlocks Pack - allow to unlocks all cars, tracks and race types without needing to complete "Season" mode.
"High Octane" Supercar Pack - new cars: Cobretti Severus, Ryback Vulcan and Hanzo Katana.
Elite Vehicle Livery - customization pack.
Ryback Cyclone Special - add a stronger, upgraded version of a standard car.
Survival at the Rock - new track for "Survival" races (Minepit Park) and a new multiplayer-only race mode (Survival Race).
Deadline - new cars (Hanzo Kanobo, Cobretti Centaur and Ryback Javelin), new livery for the Ryback Coyote vehicle and new race type "Deadline".
Quarry Onslaught - add race course "Quarry" and race type "Onslaught".
GAME, Gamestation, Gamestop and Micromania cars - exclusive branded vehicles. Each one is a separate DLС.
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II The Battle of Endor/Endor - extra mission following the dark-side ending.
Character Pack - new costumes and skins (Luke Skywalker in Dagobah Training Gear, Obi-Wan Kenobi in Clone Wars Battle Armor, Darth Malak, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, Admiral Ackbar and others).
Two Exclusive Challenge Levels - Amazon pre-order bonus with new trials: Defend the Core Trial and The Trial of Dagobah.
Exclusive Maulkiller Pack - GameStop pre-order bonus: Maulkiller skin and Maulkiller Silver Saber Crystal (called "Amplification").
Collector's Edition - new: Challenges map (Core Destruction Trial, Tower of Death Trial and The Trial of Agility), skin (Deak Starkiller) and lightsaber crystal (called "Impact").
Stranglehold Collector's Edition - include remastered "Hard Boiled" movie (not included in version for Xbox 360) and behind the scenes materials about game (at extra disc for Xbox 360)[6].
Map Pack - add 10 multiplayer maps and 21 multiplayer character skins.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Uncaged Edition Weapon X Arena level, which include bonus room with heightened enemy reaction effects and three game mode: Custom Combat Arena, Ladder Challenge and Environmental Simulator[7].

Console ports of PC games[edit]

Since game consoles are much less powerful than PCs, it is recommended to avoid PC games ported to consoles. Typically the games have to be altered to fit the constraints of the console and may be forced to use a radically different control scheme. An exception to this rule would be Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine's N64 port, and the console versions of certain Disney games like Cars 2 and Toy Story 3. In the latter case, the PC versions suffer from downgraded graphics as a consequence of having to account for lower-end systems used by most families.


NES games sometimes suffered from slowdown, and sprite flickering.

Name Platforms Notes
Crystalis GBC GBC: Adds some extras like one dungeon. Horrible port though (sound, graphics, narrow field of vision).
Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei
Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei II
SNES SFC: Compilation titled Kyūyaku Megami Tensei. Improved graphics, updated music. Extra features and altered/added areas. Japan only.
Dragon Quest I
Dragon Quest II

SFC: Compilation. Includes U.S. NES enhancements. Updated graphics and game balance. Japan only.

GBC: Compilation. Improved graphics from NES version, SFC version's game balance and events.

Mobile: Based on the GBC versions with the improved sprites from the SFC versions of DQ6/DQ3R. No battle animations. Japan only.

Android/iOS: New English translation. Based on the mobile version.

Dragon Quest III SNES, GBC

SFC: Full remake. Updated graphics and game balance. Includes U.S. NES enhancements. Japan only.

GBC: Improved graphics from the NES version with the SFC version's game balance and events. GBC-exclusive additions (extra dungeon, medal quest, events).

Mobile: Based on the SFC version. Uses the engine from the mobile versions of DQ1/DQ2. No battle animations. Japan only.

Android/iOS: New English translation. Based on the mobile version.

Dragon Quest IV PS1, NDS, iOS, Android

PS1: Updated graphics. Japan only.

NDS: Port of PS1 version, optimized for dual screen. Updated graphics, expanded story, new scenario & playable character. Party chat added (officially Japan exclusive). New Multi-5 localizations.

iOS/Android: Direct port of DS version. English-only localization. Party chat translated.

DuckTales PS3, Xbox360, Wii U, PC Remade in HD as DuckTales Remastered for PS3, 360, Wii U, and PC. Features a difficulty option, expanded storyline, voice-actors from the TV series reprising their roles (deceased actors were recasted with different voice-actors), new levels, both newly arranged and original NES music, an art gallery, and the other unlockables. Altered progression forces the player to traverse all parts of all levels. A patch was released to allow cutscenes to be skipped.
Final Fantasy 1 + 2 PS1, GBA (R), PSP (R)

MSX: Updated graphics (FF1 only)

PS1: Updated graphics and sound, most bugs fixed, new music added for minibosses, Fiends and Chaos, HP of all bosses doubled, easy mode added

GBA, PSP: Original difficulty level removed, bonus dungeons

Final Fantasy 3 NDS, PSP Full 3D remake.
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light SNES, NDS (R)

SFC: Remade as the first chapter of Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem with upgraded graphics and improved balance. The remake also continues the storyline.

NDS: The SFC remake was divided to two releases - Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon with a new graphical makeover, some balance improvements and DS-exclusive content hidden behind stupid requirements. Second release was the Japan-only Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem for the DS, covering the rest of the storyline as well as including the BS Fire Emblem maps as bonus content accessed via Wi-Fi (content is actually on-cartridge). Introduces character customization.

Kirby's Adventure GBA (R), 3DS

GBA: Full remake with updated graphics and sound. Includes new features and, seemingly, different physics.

3DS: Slowdown and flickering fixed, 3D feature added

The Legend of Zelda Satallaview, Gamecube (E), GBA

Satallaview: Titled BS Legend of Zelda. Updated graphics, smaller overworld map, timer. Japan only

GC & GBA: Emulated versions. Improved grammar.

Mega Man 1
Mega Man 2
Mega Man 3
Mega Man 4
Mega Man 5
Mega Man 6
PS1, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, PC, PSP (R)

MD: Mega Man: The Wily Wars, a compilation/enhanced port of Mega Man 1-3 plus a new set of levels unlocked after beating the three games. Includes updated audio and an inconsistent 16-bit graphical overhaul. Has a manual saving system along with passwords. Areas that had massive sprite flickering in the NES versions now slow down considerably instead (leading to an imbalanced Yellow Devil fight).

PS1: Rockman Complete Works, individually released ports of all six NES games. Extra gameplay modes added. Museum and Database options. Vibration and PocketStation support. Automatic saving. Arranged music in addition to original music (the earlier games have less arranged tracks). Slowdown removed. Officially released in Japan only.

PS2/GC/Xbox: Mega Man Anniversary Collection, a U.S. compilation of the Complete Works versions minus some features. Includes other Mega Man games not released on NES. The Xbox versions include arranged music. The GC version has inverted A/B buttons. The PS2 version has input lag. Each version has different exclusive video extras.

PS4/XB1/3DS/PC: Mega Man Legacy Collection, a compilation of the NES versions of all six games. Includes the Museum and Database features from the Complete Works versions. Also includes various overlays and filters. Some versions may have input lag. The US version of Mega Man V in the 3DS version has frame-rate issues whereas the Japanese Rockman 5 does not have this problem, however, the Challenge mode uses the US version. The release is a port/emulation hybrid of sorts.

PSP: Mega Man Powered-Up (PSP), a full remake of Mega Man in 2.5D with a chibi artstyle, remixed music, and voice acting. Includes two new Robot Master levels and a new opening level. True widescreen. Construction mode. Option to play with new or original level layouts (original layouts use a 4:3 aspect ratio and NES music). Unlockable playable characters, features, and moves from later games in the series.

Metroid Gamecube (E), GBA (R)

GC: Emulated. Unlocked in Metroid Prime if a GBA with Metroid: Fusion is connected to the system

GBA: Remade as Metroid: Zero Mission, updated graphics & sound, cutscenes, expanded story and world. The original NES Metroid is also included as an unlockable which also saves the player's password.

Ninja Gaiden PCE, SNES

PCE: Updated graphics (but poor use of scrolling), new music; Japan only

SNES: Increased palettes, updated music based on OST

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos SNES

SNES: Increased palettes, updated music based on OST

Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom SNES

SNES: Increased palettes, removal of parallax scrolling and other effects, updated music based on OST, difficulty based on Japanese version

River City Ransom

(Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari)


PCE: Improved graphics, updated music. Japan only

GBA: Improved graphics, updated music. Save feature and various bonus features.

Super Mario Bros./The Lost Levels SNES, GBC

SNES: Improved graphics, sample-based music, saving, inaccurate physics

GBC: Saving, Vs. multiplayer, a large suite of bonus features, smaller screen size

Super Mario Bros. 2 SNES, GBA

Improved graphics, sample-based music, saving

GBA Only: Decreased difficulty, extra gameplay mode, smaller screen size

Super Mario Bros. 3 SNES, GBA

Improved graphics, sample-based music, saving

GBA Only: e-Reader support, replays, smaller screen size

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Gamecube (E) Potentially seizure-inducing effects replaced

Sharp X68000[edit]

May be easier to emulate ports than the original versions.

Name PS1 GCN PS2 GBA NDS Notes

Akumajo X68000

(Castlevania Chronicles)

Includes both the original game and a remixed version with remixed music, slightly altered level layouts, and an altered art direction based on the more recent games in the series.
Mad Stalker: Fullmetal Force PS1: A remake with sub-par graphics and music. Borrows gameplay elements from the developer's other game, Asuka 120%.

FM-Town: A port for the FM-Towns with updated graphics and remixed music.

PC Engine: A PC Engine CD version that uses graphics from the FM-Towns version with remixed Redbook audio music, more playable characters for VS. Mode (done through a cheat code), and a fully-voiced Story Mode.

Genesis: Previously unreleased port that was scrapped until it was completed as a limited physical release in 2020 by Opera House after acquiring the rights to the developer's back catalog of games. Missing parallax scrolling, simplified graphics.

Genocide PC Engine: Inferior graphics and sound with worse gameplay than the original.

FM-Towns: released as part of the Genocide Square compilation. Features updated graphics, sound, new cutscenes, and revised gameplay.

Genocide 2: Master of the Dark Communion SFC: Lower sound quality and altered graphics. Level order for the first few levels is re-arranged from the Sharp X68000 version. Released only in Japan despite being developed by a British development team.

FM-Towns: Same as Genocide above.

DOS: Based on the FM-Towns version. Uses the Sharp X68000 version's cutscenes but has higher quality Redbook audio music. Released only in Korea but most of the game's menus are in English.

Sega Genesis[edit]

Name Windows PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 Android, iOS Notes
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse ✓ (R) ✓ (R) ✓ (R) ✓ (R) HD remake updated graphics and retreated gameplay
Earthworm Jim ✓ (R) ✓ (R) HD remake with updated graphics and retreated gameplay missing The extra levels from the Sega CD Version.
Lunar: The Silver Star ✓ (R) PS1: Remake With increased difficulty

PSP: Based on ps1 but with longer load times. IOS: Based on PS1 has widescreen support but touch control. Sega Saturn/Windows: Based on PS1 is not available in English.

Phantasy Star 2,4 ✓ (R) Remake with updated graphics (Japan Only) fan translation is available.
Shining Force Game Boy Advance: remake titled "Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon". The changes included an expanded plot, three new playable characters, three new battles, ramping difficulty system, and some tweaks in the gameplay and ramping difficulty system.
Shadow of the Beast ✓ (R) PS4: Different game with different gameplay.
Sonic the Hedgehog ✓ (E) ✓ (E) ✓ (E) ✓ (E) ✓ (E)

To many to list here, but most consoles and the PC versions are emulated, with some newer ports having exclusive features. The best version is the iOS/Android version, which features widescreen support, runs at 60 FPS (even in the Special Stages), remastered audio, and new content. An unofficial PC port of the iOS/Android version is available.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ✓ (E) ✓ (E) ✓ (E) ✓ (E) ✓ (E)

Same deal as the first Sonic the Hedgehog game.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles ✓ (E) ✓ (E) ✓ (E)

PC: The 1997 PC port also comes standalone versions of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sonic & Knuckles, and Blue Spheres, but replaces a number of music with different tracks. Music playback is replaced by synthesized MIDI, which is in poor quality thanks to the stock Windows wavetable synth. Can be fixed with a fan-made wrapper and mod loader. The 2011 Steam re-release is ran through an emulator, however, an unofficial port for the Steam version that's on par with the iOS/Android versions of Sonic 1/2/CD is available.

Sonic CD

PC: The 1995 PC port features better FMVs than the Sega CD version, but runs at half the speed, loading times. A newer 1996 version runs better, but introduced some new bugs and only includes the US soundtrack for all regions. Can be fixed with a fan-made wrapper.

PS2: Based on the PC version with even better FMVs and the Special Stages run at 30 FPS instead of 20, but some effects are broken, and was only released in Japan and Europe on PlayStation 2. The GameCube version is available in North America, but is blurrier compared to the PS2 version.

PC/360/PS3: Remade on a new fan-made engine which would later be used in the iOS/Android versions of Sonic 1 and 2. Features widescreen support, 60 FPS presentation, new content, the ability to use the Sonic 2 Spin Dash, the best quality FMVs, and comes with the US and Japanese soundtracks, but the Japanese songs are replaced with instrumental versions due to licensing issues. There's an unofficial port that implements newer updates from iOS/Android versions that never made it onto PC, among other improvements.

Sonic 3D Blast

PC: The 1997 PC port is based on the Saturn version, but is missing its unique visual effects, the Special Stages are worse compared to the Saturn version, and runs poorly on modern versions of Windows. Can be fixed with a fan-made wrapper. The 2010 re-release is the Genesis version ran through an emulator, however, one of the developers has released a "Director's Cut" ROM hack that adds a password save system, Time Attack mode, an overworld map with completion progress, bug fixes and other tweaks.


Some SNES games suffered from slowdown which may be fixed in ports.

Many SNES games were ported to the GBA. These versions may have extra features, but at the cost of poorer video and audio quality. The resolution is significantly lower at 240 x 160 as opposed to the usual 256 x 224 of SNES games. This leads to a smaller visible playing area, which can be devastating in some cases. The audio is much lower quality than the SNES and almost always uses inferior instrument samples for whatever reason (designated as "worse audio"). Also, most GBA games use much brighter colors to compensate for the lack of contrast in the original GBA display. To have these games display as intended, a shader or a palette patch is needed. Additionally, the GBA has two fewer buttons, leading to compromised control layouts.

Several SNES games were ported to the PlayStation. More often than not the PS1 ports offer more features. However, the CD format creates loading times. Contrary to popular belief, most of these ports are not emulated. They simply take the text and graphical assets from the SNES game ROM image on the disc, with the rest of the programming being original work.


Steam/Switch/PS4/Xbox One: A remake Titled "Actraiser Renaissance" has a completely new art style, new gameplay mechanics new bosses, and remastered OST

Chrono Trigger

PS1: Extra content including FMV & bestiary, longer load times
NDS: PS1 extra content (with load times fixed) plus more extra content, touch controls, more literal translation, French translation added
iOS/Android: Translation based on NDS with additional languages, touch controls, mostly unchanged graphics.
PC: Was a broken PC port at first, as it was directly based off from the mobile version with no effort, but was eventually fixed officially due to negative reception the PC version got.

Clock Tower PS1/PC: Titled Clock Tower: The First Fear. FMV, minor graphical changes; additional new weapon, enemy, & location

Wonderswan: greyscale colors, poorer audio, lower graphical quality, slightly reduced screen size

Contra III: The Alien Wars Titled Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX. Removed dual wielding and mega bombs, added lock aim, Mode 7 levels replaced with levels from Contra: Hard Corps, worse audio.
Donkey Kong Country GBC: Weaker graphics & audio, new stage, longer version of "Winky's Walkway", mini-games, time trial.
GBA: Increased brightness, worse contrast, color saturation, and audio; mini-games, time trial.
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest GBA: Titled Donkey Kong Country 2. Increased brightness, worse contrast, color saturation, and audio; mini-games, time trial.
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie's Double Trouble GBA: Titled Donkey Kong Country 3. Increased brightness, worse contrast, color saturation; new soundtrack by David Wise; mini-games, time trial.
Dragon Quest V ✓ (R) ✓ (R)

PS2: Full 3D remake with party enhancements. Only released in Japan.
DS: Remake done in a similar vein to the DQIV remakes. Has the same mechanics perks as the PS2 remake, along with some unique content.
iOS/Android: Port of the DS version.

Dragon Quest VI ✓ (R)

DS: Remake done in a similar vein to the remakes of the previous two games. Features some core gameplay changes.

EarthBound Worse audio. Japan only.
Final Fantasy IV ✓ (R)

Original Version
PS1: FMV opening and ending, new features, different translation, longer load times
WSC: Lacks Mode 7 effects (replaced by scaling effects), limited palette, poorer audio. Japan-only.
GBA: Titled Final Fantasy IV Advance. Based on the WSC version. New translation. Extra content, updated graphics, worse audio.
PSP: Titled Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection. Includes The After Years as well as an in-between Interlude. Includes all GBA content. Enhanced graphics, choice between original and enhanced audio.
3D Remakes
NDS: Very different 3D remake following FFIII on DS (no PSP release unlike it).
PC: HD version of DS remake.
iOS/Android/PC: DS version port, followed by an exclusive 3D remake of The After Years on iOS/Android.

Final Fantasy V

PS1: First official English release of the game.
GBA: Titled Final Fantasy V Advance. New translation. Extra content, worse audio.
iOS/Android/PC: Redone sprites (RPG Maker art style), touch controls.

Final Fantasy VI

GBA: Titled Final Fantasy VI Advance. New translation. Extra content, worse audio.
iOS/Android/PC: Translation based on GBA version, redone sprites and Mode-7 sections (RPG Maker art style), touch controls, reworked Cyan Bushido.

Front Mission ✓ (R) DS: Only official English release of the game.
Ganbare Goemon 1
Yuki-Hime's Disappearance
US: The Legend of the Mystical Ninja
GBA: Worse audio, no multiplayer/co-op, more save slots than the Super Famicom release, can change character any time. Japan only. Bundled with Ganbare Goemon 1.
Ganbare Goemon 2
General McGuiness
GBA: Worse audio, no multiplayer/co-op, more save slots, can change character any time. Japan only. Bundled with Ganbare Goemon 2.
Kirby Super Star Titled Kirby Super Star Ultra. Extra games, enhanced graphics.
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past GBA: Extra dungeon reliant on Four Swords game. More accurate translation, more shops, new enemies. Link voice clips from Ocarina of Time. Simplified difficulty (20 digs like PAL SNES version instead of 25 in digging minigame, Ice Dungeon layout)
Mega Man & Bass
JP: Rockman & Forte
GBA: Only official English release. Worse audio. No dash button. Smaller screen resolution makes the game borderline unplayable.
Mega Man X ✓ (R)

DOS: Different aspect ratio, worse audio, buggy wall climbing.
GC/PS2: SNES version included in Mega Man X Collection. The collection also includes extra content like music player and art gallery.
PSP: Titled Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. Full 3D remake, different Sigma stages. Serves as an alternate take on the original game.
iOS: Touch controls, "redrawn" graphics (actually smeared versions of the SNES graphics), much slower gameplay, level movement restrictions, no stage changes after beating Mavericks in a certain order, optional microtransactions.
PS4/PC/Switch/XB1: SNES and SFC versions are included in Mega Man X Legacy Collection with extra content including achievements, music player, art gallery, challenges, and more.

Mega Man X2

GC/PS2: Included in Mega Man X Collection. The collection also includes extra content like music player and art gallery. PS4/PC/Switch/XB1: SNES and SFC versions are included in Mega Man X Legacy Collection with extra content including achievements, music player, art gallery, challenges, and more.

Mega Man X3

PS1/Saturn: Remixed soundtrack.
PC: Port of PS1 version. Cannot be directly installed on 64-bit OSes; you must extract the files manually. Files fail to save after reboot if this is done.
GC/PS2: PS1 version included in Mega Man X Collection.
PS4/PC/Switch/XB1: SNES and SFC versions are included in Mega Man X Legacy Collection with extra content including achievements, music player, art gallery, challenges, and more.

Metal Max 2: Kai
GBA: Average port with a better font and worse music. You'll want to get the 1.1 revision because the initial one is so bugged and unplayable it had to be recalled.
DS: Full 3D remake with animated NPC sprites and much better graphics. Improved in every aspect and filled to the brim with new content. Based on the engine of Metal Max 3 for the Nintendo DS.
Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen Titled Ogre Battle: Limited Edition. Slightly enhanced graphics and sound.
Romancing SaGa Wonderswan: Enhanced graphics, new story scenario & side quest (Japan only)

PS2: Enhanced 3D graphics

Secret of Mana

Android/iOS: Partially enhanced graphics, enhanced fonts & menus, touch controls
PC/PS4/Vita: Full 3D remake with animated cutscenes, voice acting, and remixed soundtrack
Switch: SNES version included in Collection of Mana with borders around the game.

Super Mario World

The version in Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World has unique sprites for Luigi.
GBA: Titled Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2. Slight additions, worse audio, Mario voice clips. Different Luigi sprites from either SNES version.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island GBA: Titled Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. New levels, worse audio.
Star Ocean ✓ (R) PSP: Titled Star Ocean: First Departure. Only official English release.
Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts

PS1: Slowdown removed.
GBA: New levels, worse audio.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

PS1: First English release. Slightly enhanced music.
PSP: Very enhanced, more features

Tales of Phantasia ✓ (R)

PS1: Cleaner graphics, different sprites, new effects, partial voice acting, food system, skits.
GBA: Based on PS1 version but scaled down, additional content, worse audio, decreased framerate.
PSP (Full Voice Edition): port of PS1 edition including GBA additional content plus full voice acting, new sprites.
PSP (Tales of Phantasia X Narikiri Dungeon): PSP version with even more additional content (Grade shop) and a remade spin-off.
iOS/Android: F2P port of ToP X. Sub-par translation. At least GBA one had better controls and interface than this. No longer available.

Trials of Mana
JP: Seiken Densetsu 3

Switch/PC (remake): Titled Trials of Mana. Full 3D remake with animated cutscenes and remixed soundtrack. PC version initially came with the reviled DENUVO anti-tamper, but it was removed on August 2020.
Switch (SNES port): An official translated port of the original game is included in Collection of Mana as Trials of Mana internationally.

Umihara Kawase

DS: As part of the JP-only Umihara Kawase SE Kanzenban compilation. Both games in the compilation were ported from scratch with minor enhancements and slightly differently-sounding MIDI music, with the physics properly implemented unlike all other ports.
Vita: As part of the third game, but only included in its Vita port. Seems like emulation.

Sega Saturn[edit]

Name PC PS1 DC PS2 Xbox PS3 360 Notes
Baroque ✓ (R) Saturn: Japan only, has widescreen option.

PS1: Japan only, has extra content, but no widescreen support.

PS2: Remake with a different art style and music, available in English, features a new save system, difficulty options, includes the extra content of the PS1 version and more. Has removed blur, 60fps, and (albeit broken) Japanese dub hacks.

Wii: Based on the PS2 version, has widescreen and progressive scan support, the Japanese dub hack is available.

Switch: Japan only, based on the Saturn original, includes the contents of Baroque Report, screen resolution options, and added openings from the PlayStation port and the remake.

Black / Matrix ✓ (R) Saturn: Original. Has a bug that heals enemies after the player is using a special attack which was fixed in the other versions.

DC: a remake titled "Black/Matrix AD" with many gameplay changes in order to make the game easier, added many anime cutscenes and new anime art style for the characters, the ending was expanded with 2 extra chapters.

PS1: a demake of DC version titled "Black/Matrix +", anime cutscenes were removed, the original art style was restored

Culdcept PS1: Some cards are deleted and it becomes other cards, Abolish a negotiation rule. Addition of some maps.

DC: Reform cards completely, Change of maps, Music changed, Change of the story, The addition of A.I. creation function, The addition of import/export of data function.

PS2: Based on Dreamcast. Available in English. Some cards change. Addition of some cards. Addition of some maps. Medal system addition.

DS: Based on PS1, Fan translation is available.

Cyber Troopers Virtual-On

PS2: Sega Ages 2500 release. Changed graphics with a different art style, 60FPS, Japanese release.

Die Hard Arcade

PS2: Sega Ages 2500 release. Changed graphics with a different art style. Japanese release.

Devil Summoner

PSP: Widescreen and extra content, Japanese release.

Devil Summoner - Soul Hackers

PS1: Extra content, Japanese release.

3DS: Based on PS1, widescreen support, available in English.

Dragon Force

PS2: Sega Ages 2500 release. Changed graphics with a different art style. Japanese release.

  • Saturn: Original. Japan-exclusive, but has fan translation. Best graphical effects out of all versions. Save compatibility with Grandia Digital Museum, a Saturn-exclusive bonus disc. Overall best version.
  • PS1: Massively downgraded port, missing textures, animation frames and has horribly stretched battle backgrounds. Initial localization. Has more romhacking support (undubs, hard mode balance mods).
  • PC: Based on the PS1 version, with an XBR port, a prettier font, different non-English translations, and a buggy Japanese audio option lifted from the PS1 undub romhack.
Guardian Heroes Xbox 360: Enhanced port with 16:9 aspect ratio, optional HD graphics, new gameplay options, and expanded multiplayer modes.
Panzer Dragoon Xbox/PS2: Both versions differ from the Saturn original (PS2 being a slight update). Also on Xbox as an unlockable in Panzer Dragoon Orta (it's a modified PC build)

Switch: HD Remake, hit or miss for some people. was later ported to PC/PS4 and Xbox one.

PowerSlave/Exhumed PC: A completely different game while the PC is a straightforward FPS get from Point A to Point B, while Sega Saturn and PS1 Versions are closer to being a 3D Metroidvania. The console versions served as a basis for the 2022 remaster for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC.

Saturn US Version: comes with an exclusive mini-game called "Death Tank" that isn't in any other version.

PSX: auto-aim doesn’t work as well, which makes hitting the smaller enemies more irritating. Moving around is less squirrely, so tight platforming is much easier to do. You even pick up ammo drops more frequently, ensuring you’re always stocked. Levels have been redesigned to various degrees to make for more enclosed areas. The frame rate was increased to 60fps, but it can also go down to 20fps, and usually wavers in between for the majority of the game.

Princess Crown

PSP/PS4: Japan only, decent port. Saturn: Japan only, has an increased resolution hack

Nights into Dreams... PS2/360/PS3/PC: Features both the original game and an enhanced graphics mode. The port to 360, PS3, and PC is missing a few effects. All re-releases include Christmas Nights into Dreams, but lack versus mode and Sonic the Hedgehog into Dreams.
Silhouette Mirage Saturn: Original, japan only.

PS1 Japanese version: Missing background graphics, missing 2D parallax effects but has 2 extra bosses.

PS1 USA version: Based on the PlayStation Japanese version has censored the religious names from the Japanese version, and the difficulty was increased.

Sonic R PC: Enhanced port with better graphics and extra content. Some reprints of the game are missing the music. Has problems with modern hardware but can be fixed with mods.
Virtua Cop 1, 2 PC: Contemporary to the Saturn port. Might be hard to run on a modern OS.
Virtua Fighter 2 PC: Contemporary to the Saturn port. Contains the same extra plus Online Multiplayer. Might be hard to run on a modern OS.

PS2: Sega Ages 2500 release is a direct port of the arcade version. Runs in 640x480 and 60FPS (Arcade version ran slightly slower at 57.5FPS). Missing extras from Saturn & PC releases and has minor graphical glitches. Released only in Japan.

360/PS3: Very similar to the PS2 release. Runs in HD but Pillboxed. Includes online play.

Radiant Silvergun Xbox 360: HD Port with optional high-res effects and graphics.


The PS1 has problems with 3D which become more noticeable when emulating the games at higher than native resolutions. Many PS1 games were ported to Windows. However, some of these PC ports are difficult to run on modern Windows operating systems.

Name PC Saturn N64 DC GC PSP Notes
Breath of Fire III
  • PSP: Adds widescreen support, quality of life changes, and an extra minigame.
Breath of Fire IV
  • PC: Has shorter load times and includes an option for sprite smoothing. The only version to be localized in Traditional Chinese (Taiwan).
Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, 3 and Racing
  • PS1: Original.
  • PS4/Xbox one/PC/Switch: HD Remakes.
Chronon Cross
  • PS1: Original.
  • PS4/PC/Switch:emulated version with worse performance than the original.
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  • PS1: Original. Some items were rearranged and some dubbing was discarded in the English version. The Japanese Greatest Hits version, as well as the JPN PSN release, reintroduced some of the English bugfixes and fixed the Nocturne easter egg. A fan translation exists for those superior versions.
  • Saturn: Japan-exclusive. Ugly stretched screen. Inferior performance (more slowdown, longer loading times) Added some content (new areas, items, music, and a playable Maria that's a joy for speedrunners, as well as her as a boss), however, Koji Igarashi hated those additions, and they're admittedly low quality compared to the rest.
  • Xbox 360: Direct port of the American PS1 version. Removes loading times, but also FMVs.
  • PSP: Included in Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles. It has a few very minor porting issues but is content-wise the definitive version, based on the latest PS1 Japanese version. The script for the English version was rewritten and a Multi-5 translation was made, to the dismay of some fans most interested in the memetic original voice acting. Didn't include any material from the Saturn version besides a redone Maria boss fight, and a playable Maria inspired from her Rondo of Blood moveset.
  • PS4/iOS/Android: Based on the PSP version as a standalone game. Maria's gameplay was tweaked further. While made without IGA's involvement, some consider it even better than the PSP version.
Dino Crisis
  • PS1: Original.
  • PC: Many Problems on modern systems, using Dino Crisis Classic REbirth makes it the defentive version.
  • DC: Enhanced port with better graphics.
Dino Crisis 2
Final Fantasy VII
  • PC: Backgrounds/FMVs are the same resolutions as the PS1 version. The original release had the music played through terrible MIDI instruments. The music can be fixed with a mod.
  • Steam: The recent PC release on Steam fixes all issues, making it the current definitive version. PS4 and iOS ports of the recent PC release have been released, with Switch and Xbone ports in the future.

A full remake of the game has also been announced, coming first to the PS4.

Final Fantasy VIII Same stance as FFVII's Steam release. The recent Steam release even includes Chocobo World from the Japanese release (via PocketStation).
Final Fantasy IX Same stance as FFVII and FFVIII's Steam releases.
Final Fantasy Tactics
  • PSP: Titled Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. Includes extra content, multiplayer support, redone cutscenes, and new game modes. Suffers from stretched aspect ratio and slowdown; these can be fixed with unofficial patches. It also has a new translation.
  • iOS/Android: Based on the PSP version, with redone sprite work. Many consider this the definitive version.
Legend of Mana
  • Switch/PS4/PC: HD Remaster with widescreen support, redone music, and the option to turn off random encounters.
  • PSP: Titled "MediEvil: Resurrection" has extra content not avilable in any other version
  • PS4: Titled "MediEvil Remake" has the best graphic.
Mega Man 8
  • Saturn: Original release. Initially intended as the only version because of corporate politics and SCEA's anti-2D stance, though it ended up releasing on PS1 as well. Saturn version has exclusive content not included in the PS1 version, or any future versions (as those were based on the PS1 port) such as: a Bonus Mode (artwork gallery of official art and fan submissions, sound test, watchable FMVs), more music tracks, additional bosses (Cut Man, Wood Man). Has slightly different music (sequenced PCM audio) and worse FMV quality (Cinepack compression vs MPEG on PS1)
  • GC/PS2: Released as part of an anthology compilation, Mega Man Anniversary Collection. Port based on the PS1 version.
  • PS4/XOne/Switch/PC: Featured as part of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 with some new challenge stages from this game but is based on the PlayStation version. Completely removed loading times.
  • A spin-off, Rockman & Forte, was released on the SNES/GBA for "kids who wanted to play Mega Man 8 but didn't have a PlayStation". It reuses Mega Man 7's game engine, Mega Man 8's graphics, and includes completely new levels.
Mega Man Legends
  • PC: Music doesn't loop. Cutscenes don't sync up with audio properly. Requires a mapping program to play comfortably with an XInput controller.
  • N64: Simultaneously better and worse in the graphics department. The sound is compressed so it can fit on a cartridge. Released as Mega Man 64 in North America.
  • PSP: Japan-only. Standard port with widescreen support and minor additional content. Lock-on is done by holding L and R simultaneously.
Mega Man Legends 2
  • PC: Exclusive to Japan and Taiwan. Does not work on modern video cards.
  • PSP: Standard port with widescreen support and minor additional content. Released only in Japan.
Mega Man X4
  • Saturn: Developed as Saturn exclusive but ended up released simultaneously with the PS1 version. has different graphical effects (heat effects exclusive to it, worse transparency)
  • PC: Same as Mega Man X3's PC port, a port of PS1 version. Cannot be directly installed on 64-bit OSes; you must extract the files manually. Files fail to save after reboot if this is done. May not run properly on Windows 8 or later.
  • PS2/GCN: re-released as part of the Mega Man X Collection for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube. Based on the PlayStation version.
  • PS4/XOne/Switch/PC: Featured as part of Mega Man X Legacy Collection with some new challenge stages from this game but is based on the PlayStation version. Completely removed loading times.
Mega Man X5
  • PS1: Original. Has some excellent romhacking support to reimplement missing content and add quality of life changes.
  • PC: Uses a different font for the in-game text from the PlayStation version. May not run properly on Windows 8 or later.
  • PS2/GC: same as the other games in Mega Man X Collection.
  • PS4/XOne/Switch/PC: Featured as part of Mega Man X Legacy Collection with some new challenge stages from this game but is based on the PlayStation version. Completely removed loading times.
Mega Man X6
  • PS1: Original. Has some excellent romhacking support to reimplement missing content, add quality of life changes (sorely needed for this game), and a retranslation.
  • PC: Released only in Korea and some other parts of Asia.
  • PS2/GCN: same as the other games in Mega Man X Collection. Some of the voice-acting is missing in this version.
  • PS4/XOne/Switch/PC: Featured as part of Mega Man X Legacy Collection with some new challenge stages from this game but is based on the PlayStation version. Completely removed loading times.
Metal Gear Solid ✓ (R)
  • PS1: Original. A later Japanese version re-release called Integral included the US version changes and then some more content. Some of this content was sold separately as "VR Missions".
  • PC: Port of the Integral version, with some altered content (Psycho Mantis boss, TGS/E3 bonus videos removed, worse music). Significantly improved graphics. Lacks motion blur. Patches needed for modern systems. FMVs don't work on XP or newer due to more modern OSes lacking the resources needed for .ddv video files.
  • GC: Remake titled Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. Updated translation at the behest of Hideo Kojima. Uses the MGS2 engine, but not properly balanced to accommodate for the engine change. Lacks the VR Missions. The tone is a complete face-heel turn, having much less realism than the original game.
Moon Remix RPG Adventure
  • Switch/PC: Official translation.
PaRappa the Rapper Adds widescreen support, ad-hoc multiplayer, and song remixes as DLC. Might suffer from slight input lag, which can be fatal for those who played the original release.
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
  • Part two of Persona 2. Also known as Persona 2: Batsu.
  • PS1: Available in Japanese and English. Retains save compatibility with Innocent Sin to unlock content, in all versions.
  • PSP: Available only in Japanese. Fan translation project in development hell. Enhanced port: widescreen support, a revamped UI, updated cutscenes, an optional updated OST, and selectable difficulty levels.
Persona 2: Innocent Sin
  • Part one of Persona 2. Also known as Persona 2: Tsumi.
  • PS1: Available only in Japanese. A fan translation is available.
  • PSP: Available in Japanese and English. Enhanced port: widescreen support, a revamped UI, updated cutscenes, an optional updated OST, and selectable difficulty levels. Criticized for some mild censorship and losing its tone compared to the original.
  • Too many changes to list here.

The Definitive Edition is a fan remake called Rayman: Redemption.

Resident Evil

✓ (R)

✓ (R)
  • PS1: Original. Japanese version included auto-aiming and uncut graphics. Got two English re-releases. The poorly-named Director's Cut is still cut, but includes better character models, an arranged mode, auto aiming from the Japanese release, and an added Beginner difficulty. The Dual Shock Ver. includes DualShock support and a different OST that can only be described as...different. Must be heard to be believed.
  • Saturn: Worse performance. Includes an extra game mode.
  • PC: Has compatibility issues with modern OSes. The only English version of the original game that includes all uncensored FMVs.
  • GCN: As Resident Evil HD. Full remake. Same on the Wii. Redone in HD for its most recent PC release, as well as on most modern HD consoles. The PC version plays at 60 FPS and lacks minor stability issues that the other HD versions have.
Resident Evil 2
  • PS1: Later re-released on the system with DualShock support and a new game mode.
  • N64: Compressed assets, varies between 240p and 480i. New features.
  • DreamCast: 480p. Even more features.
  • A HD remake was released for PC, PS4 and the Xbone. Includes some content inspired from the prototype version Resident Evil 1.5 but then cuts some more. Positive reception.
Resident Evil 3
  • DreamCast/GC: 480p, more features.
  • A HD remake was released for PC, PS4 and the Xbone.
Revelations: Persona
  • PS1: Original English script includes Americanized names and a removed Snow Queen quest, but isn't that far from the original.
  • PC: Released only in Japan. Very far from a technical achievement.
  • PSP: Titled Shin Megami Tensei: Persona. It has additional content as well as widescreen support, a revamped UI, updated cutscenes and OST, and selectable difficulty levels. The English release reverts many of the original localization changes to be more faithful to the Japanese script. It also reinstates the Snow Queen quest.
Spyro the Dragoon 1, 2, 3
  • PS1: Original.
  • PS4/Xbox one/PC/Switch: HD Remakes.
  • PS1: Original. Save compatibility with Suikoden 2.
  • Saturn: Japan-only. It is an enhanced port including new locations, new enemies, enhanced colors, and a new opening full-motion video, but with longer load times and some visual effects being removed.
  • PC: Japan-only. Compatibility issues with modern PCs.
  • PSP: As Gensou Suikoden I & II. Adds widescreen support (although maps and scenes are not redone to accommodate for the larger screen area) and fixes a couple of glitches. Adds a couple of more, as well. Released only in Japan.
Suikoden II
  • PS1: Original. NTSC-U has some glitched lines fixed in the PAL version or via romhacks. Save compatibility with Suikoden 1.
  • PC: Taiwan-only. Compatibility issues with modern PCs.
  • PSP: As Gensou Suikoden I & II. Adds widescreen support (although maps and scenes are not redone to accommodate for the larger screen area) and fixes a couple of glitches. Adds a couple of more, as well. Released only in Japan.
Vandal Hearts
  • PS1: Original
  • Saturn: Japan-only. It is an enhanced port including extra content. Fan translation is available.
  • PC: Korean-only.
Wipeout 2097 These ports feature a different OST from the original release. Released in North America as Wipeout XL.

Nintendo 64[edit]

The Nintendo 64 is a difficult system to emulate, and no emulator has a high degree of game compatibility. It may be easier to rely upon a port rather than try to emulate it.

While system requirements are substantially higher, emulating the N64 Virtual Console releases on the Wii results in more accurate emulation, even making some unplayable games playable.

Name Win GC Xbox X360 XOne NDS 3DS Notes
Banjo-Kazooie Added widescreen mode, generally better framerate and draw distance. Ice Key and Secret Eggs are available if the user also has a savefile for Banjo-Tooie or Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. Removed Nintendo references, some of which were endearing. XBLA version also included in Rare Replay.
Banjo-Tooie Generally better framerate and draw distance. Ice Key and secret eggs collected in BK are available here. Removed Nintendo references, some of which were endearing. XBLA version also included in Rare Replay.
Blast Corps ✓ (E) Improved graphics, better framerate.
Conker's Bad Fur Day ✓ (R) ✓ (E) Titled Conker: Live and Reloaded. It's censored but has much better graphics and updated multiplayer. Only plays on an original Xbox. Rare Replay includes an emulated version of the original. Not sure if it's censored or not. Has more stable framerates and slightly better graphics than original.
Doom 64 Has an unofficial fan-made port by the developer that went on to remaster the Turok games. Features widescreen, higher frame-rate, keyboard and mouse support. Some bugs are left unaddressed in the unofficial port, however. Requires extracting data from the game's ROM to play. Can be found here:

It was officially ported Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC in 2020 by Doom EX's developer and other Doom modders. The official port is more faithful to the original game compared to EX with has some quality-of-life improvements. It has broken stock shaders with DirectX 11 API, but the developer has pointed some fixes for it. See this list for differences between EX and the official 2020 port.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ✓ (E) Both the original game and the Master Quest are emulated at 480p on the GameCube. The 3DS port (sans vibration) is the definitive version of the game.
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask ✓ (E) The GameCube version has audio glitches when moving between areas in Clock Town, framerate issues, and random crashes. The 3DS version features enhancements similar to those in Ocarina of Time 3D, as well as manual camera control when played on a New Nintendo 3DS. However, it changes some key gameplay mechanics in ways that fans of the original might not prefer and is missing some rumble features.
Jet Force Gemini ✓ (E) Improved graphics, better framerate.
Killer Instinct Gold ✓ (E) Improved graphics, better framerate.
Perfect Dark Improved graphics, better framerate, online multiplayer. XBLA version also included in Rare Replay.
Rayman 2 The Windows version is a port of the N64 version and is known to have issues running on modern Windows. The Dreamcast version has various changes from the Nintendo 64 and Microsoft Windows versions, including several 2D sprites being replaced by 3D models, improved texture quality, and minor level design changes. The Dreamcast version also has exclusive mini-games, six hidden Glob Crystal collectables and replaces The Hall of Doors with The Isle of Doors for the world map. Michel Ancel (the Director) himself has previously stated that he believes that this version is the best version of the game.

Rayman Revolution (the PS2 version) features many enhancements including new minigames and bonus challenges, upgrades to Rayman's abilities, level revisions, new music tracks, the option to switch between the gibberish from other versions and newly recorded real language voices, three new bosses, and Yellow Lum redistribution. The Hall of Doors was replaced with three central hubs, called The Minisaurus Plain, Globox's House and The Rainbow Creek, in which to walk to each level freely, play Ly's bonus challenges unlocked by freeing Revolution-exclusive prisoners called Familiar Spirits, and purchase ability upgrades or the new minigames from the Teensies with the Yellow Lums the player has collected. To date, Revolution is the only edition of Rayman 2 that lets players save when a level has been only partially completed, but like all versions of the game, it still uses manual saves. This is also the only version in which the 1,000th Yellow Lum can be obtained normally. However, despite the numerous improvements and enhancements to the gameplay, the frame rate is not as smooth as the near-constant 60fps of the Sega Dreamcast version, and certain graphical effects from that version, such as the blue ring trails that accompany a fully charged gold fist orb, are also gone. But it can reach 60fps through a hack on PCSX2.

Sin & Punishment Wii: Emulated version with official English subtitles.
Super Mario 64 ✓ (R) The DS remake has three more playable characters and some extra features but has poorer controls, mixed graphical changes (they look more "accurate" but have fewer polygons and worse textures), and altered progression. Some may prefer it, others not so much.

There's also an unoffical native PC port made by fans using the SM64 decompilation project.

Star Fox 64 ✓ (R) The 3DS remake has updated graphics, slightly different instrumentation, multiplayer, and some token 3DS features including an easy mode with a misleading name. It is missing rumble features. It also has redone voices, for better or worse.
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter Remastered for PC.
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Remastered for PC.


Since the system died early, many of its games were ported to other consoles.

Name GameCube PS2 PS3 Xbox 360 PC Notes
Crazy Taxi 1, 2 ✓ (only 1) ✓ (only 1) ✓ (only 1) PS2/GC/PC: lower quality port of Crazy Taxi 1.

PSP: titled Crazy Taxi: Fare War is a collection of 2 games with widescreen support but missing 3 songs and has bad controls.

Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram Xbox 360; improved Controls textures, lighting, and glowing effects. Added New characters, widescreen support, online, lobby system, and replay leaderboards. local multiplayer was removed. Both Dreamcast and XBLA use the Original Soundtrack and not the Naomi OST.
Dead or Alive 2 ✓ (R) PS2: higher quality port with more visual effects.

Xbox: Remake with better graphics.

Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future PS2: lower quality texture and resolution, but better visual effects and some models.
Headhunter PS2: lower quality port.
Hundred Swords DC: Japanese Only.

PC: Available in English. Dialogue options and some plot points were cut so the "Person/king" mechanic is missing.

Jet Set Radio Based on the "De la Jet Set Radio" (The definitive Dreamcast release), Widescreen support, Missing 2 songs (Yappie Feet" and a song called "Many Styles" from the PAL version).
Maken X PS2: Remake that changes the game from first-person view to third-person. PAL release only (50HZ). No English dub.
Marvel vs Capcom 1, 2 ✓ (Only 2) ✓ (Only 2) Dreamcast: is the most identical to the arcade version.

PS2/Xbox: Sprites are the wrong resolution, audio is low quality, and there are subtle gameplay differences. the controller config is better and there aren't blue screens.

PS3/360: Widescreen support, online multiplayer, all characters unlocked from the start, some bugs.

MDK2 PC: Added Difficulty levels and the ability to save everywhere

PS2: Titled "MDK2: Armageddon" features bigger switches, weaker and repositioned enemies, and wider ledges in platforming sections, the game is now giving answers to the player by using Big red Arrows and flashing circles point out where to shoot certain bosses. The game also features fully customizable controls.

Wii: Based on the PS2 version but the audio has been compressed, and graphically, shadows have been removed.

MDK2 HD: features high-definition 3D models, reworked textures, improved lighting, and remastered music tracks but suffers from frame rate issues and glitches.

Milestone Shooting Games (Radirgy, Chaos Field, Karous) GC: Enhanced port of Radirgy, Chaos Field. only Chaos Field available in English.

PS2: Enhanced port of Radirgy. Japanese release only. Wii: Official English translation of all 3 games, Karous is missing the final boss.

Shenmue 1, 2 ✓ (Only 2) Xbox: omissions of visual references to the Virgin Mary.

PC/PS4/XBOX One: HD remasters with widescreen support, based on the Xbox version. Ability to save anywhere in both games, some minors changes to the town, a lot of bugs.

Skies of Arcadia Updated with "new" features and content which were previously missing from the original release due to developers missing on deadlines and inability to fit everything planned into the game in time (though some of this initially-missing content could be later added to the game via free DLC option done via now-defunct official website connection performed from game's main menu). Sound samples (music for the entire game and all other sounds alike) has been heavily compressed to fit on one mini-DVD disc, drastically diminishing the game's overall experience as Dreamcast's original release used uncompressed Redbook/CD-DA tier quality sound samples (actually one of the main reasons why Dreamcast's version had to be cut into two separate GD-ROM discs: the size of sound files in the original is truly huge due to it being absolutely raw samples for each and every sound in the game). Due to lack of VMU functionality an entire separate mini-game ("Pinta's Quest") was completely removed, which, considering that Pinta was a fully developed separate 3D character model in the original game, essentially means Gamecube's port completely lacks the said character (however, to somewhat balance this out Gamecube's port added several completely new characters that were never in the Dreamcast's release or planned to be in it even DLC content-wise, such as Piastol and fake pirate trio for example). Gamecube's port also improves quite a bit on most characters', vehicles, ships', and locations' models sheer polygon count-wise, adding more details and rounding up previously clearly rough edges on world's 3D models, but these improvements are hardly noticeable by the untrained eye so you have to know exactly where to look to spot a significant difference from the original Dreamcast release. Gamecube's port also fixed previously bugged "Zivilyn Bane's quest" line and this can be done fully from start to finish now (Dreamcast's original Japanese release's "Zivilyn Bane" quest can be fully completed too, but US' and EU's later localization broke some flags during development which produces bug that renders the said quest completely uncompletable, pun not intended, in any versions of this game other than the said very first original Japanese release on the Dreamcast and later Gamecube ports of it).
Ikaruga Dreamcast: most faithful port to the arcade, Japanese Subtitles only.

GameCube: some slowdown issues, slightly poorer graphics, Conquest mode which is not in any other port (select stage + specific section) but it is also the only version without subtitles.

Steam: Analog control support, has the most achievements, customizable options, some graphics/cutscene enhancements not in any other homeport. The select screen was altered.

360: Analog control support, not very faithful port, and some enemy patterns are completely different but have online multiplayer, the select screen was altered.

Switch: Analog control support, compressed audio but has online multiplayer. The select screen was altered.

Grandia II The PS2 version is technically inferior.

The original PC version has a plethora of bugs. The newest PC release is based on the DC version but suffers from its own bugs.

Phantasy Star Online All the ports are based on "Phantasy Star Online ver 2" and titled "Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1+2" and containing a new episode called Episode 2, Three new playable class, Forces are the only job that can use Reverser, Grants, and Megid. and Various balancing of items powers and removal of certain items.

Xbox: A decent port.

GC: A decent port. has another version Titled "Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Plus". it adds challenge mode and some missions that were only available in online mode can now be played in offline mode.

PC: Japanese only. has another version titled "Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst" has a new episode with extra content, this version is also available in english.

Power Stone 1, 2 PSP: "Power Stone Collection" is a collection of both games with widescreen support.
Resident Evil Code: Veronica Titled Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Features additional cutscenes. PS2 Version doesn't support progressive scan. PS3/360: Changes the Lights and Shadows (Hit or miss for some people) HD resolution, and 16:9 aspect ratio.
Rent-A-Hero No. 1 DC: Japanese Only.

Xbox: The Intro was Improved, added online capabilities. an English prototype in a complete state, with only minor text errors present was leaked online.


PS2: lower quality port. 360: HD Port with widescreen support. PC/PS4: Titled REZ Infinite, based on 360 port with new levels made in UE4.

Sonic Adventure Titled Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. Features updated character models and a new mission mode. Doesn't include Chao Adventure due to lack of VMU. The 2003 version includes unlockable Game Gear games. The GC version features GBA connectivity for the Chao Gardens. Unfortunately, each successive port of the game manages to be more bug-ridden than the last. Unofficial patches to fix many issues exist for the PC release(s).
Sonic Adventure 2 Titled Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Features slightly better character models, a more in-depth multiplayer mode, and a new Chao minigame. Doesn't include Chao Adventure 2 due to lack of VMU. The GameCube version features GBA connectivity for the Chao Gardens. The most recent ports have HD resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio but separate the multiplayer content as paid DLC.
Virtual Tennis 2 PS2: lower quality port in 30 FPS.

PlayStation 2[edit]

Name Windows GC Xbox Wii PSP Vita NDS PS3 360 WiiU 3DS Switch PS4 XOne iOS Android Notes
Bully Wii: Cropped widescreen.

360/PC: Cropped widescreen. Explosions and punching noises are completely different. Edward's glasses are now gold. The gnomes show up as soon the game starts.

Chaos Legion PC: A port based on the international versions of the game which altered gameplay elements, nerfed the player character, added new enemies while tweaking existing ones, and inflated EXP cost for Sieg's Legions. Notorious for its broken DRM with earlier copies, and has issues on modern hardware setups such as texture corruption (can be fixed) and crashes during loading screens (use ImageCFG on the fixed executable to make it use a single CPU core).
Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex The Xbox version of the game features reduced loading times and improved graphics (extra effects).
Devil May Cry 1-3 PS3/360/PS4/Xbox One: Widescreen Support, Devil May Cry 1 is missing some video effects (like motion blur, depth of field) and has audio bugs. Devil May Cry 3 is based on the Special Edition but Various effects are broken (such as motion blur, ghosting, and depth of field) and textures lack transparency. Some updates have been released for PS4/Xbox one but not everything was fixed.

DMC3SE PC: Poor port from a third-party developer. the port in the had collection is superior.

DMC HD Collection PC: Direct port of the console HD Collection. Has bugs such as increased game speed on high refresh displays not seen in other versions. Some issues can be fixed with mods and even added Style Switcher. Switch: Direct port of the console HD Collection. DMC 3 has an Official Style Switcher mode.

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness PC: Has content from the PSP version, but suffers from poor porting issues (e.g. locked internal resolution, bugs not present in other versions). A mod exist to fix many of these issues and beyond.

Switch: Improved version with HD sprites and QoL changes.

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories PC: Features content from the PlayStation 2 and PSP versions, higher resolution graphics than the previous versions, keyboard shortcuts, updated UI, and characters previously removed from the overseas versions.
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 1,3 GC: Port of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 1 with cel Shaded Graphics.

PS3/360: HD collection (doesn't include widescreen Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2). Reuses music from other Dragon Ball Z games due to the original Budokai composer being guilty of plagiarism. Widescreen support.

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2,3
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King 3DS: Include extra content but inferior graphics.

Android/iOS: no voice acting nor orchestrated soundtrack

Fatal Frame 1 Xbox: Titled "The director's Cut", has extra things added such as a first-person mode, a survival mode, a new ending, and more costumes to unlock.
Fatal Frame 2 Xbox: Titled "The director's Cut", has extra things added such as a first-person mode, a survival mode, a new ending, and more costumes to unlock.

Wii: Titled "Project Zero 2: Wii Edition" Based on Xbox Version. The game no longer uses fixed camera angles present in the first three games, instead of using the over-the-shoulder angle. The player is provided with a map on the screen to compensate for this change. A minor two-player mode is also supported in the main story. Many new cutscenes have been added to the game, expanding on the story, and several of the cutscenes from the original have been extended as well. The game is no longer determined by what difficulty has been selected. Instead, endings are now determined by how the player plays the game. The game has a new theme song, not in the original. A new mode, Haunted House, has been added, replacing Mission Mode.

Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2 Based on the international version. Redone character models. Rerecorded soundtrack (optional for PS4 and PC versions) is hit-or-miss.
God of War, God of War II Stable framerate, screen tearing fixed. added bloom effect. Cropped widescreen, stretched HUD.
Grand Theft Auto III
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PC: Many missing effects, worse textures and different map geometry, compared to the PS2 version. Some problems can be fixed by using mods.

PS3/X360: Based on iOS/Android. I removes multiplayer

PS4: As "PS2 Classic", emulated

Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Ico Runs in full 1080p and is based on the PAL version, so the extra content from that version is included. Supports Stereoscopic 3D.
Jak and Daxter, Jak II, Jak 3 Sub-HD, cropped widescreen, a few minor graphical glitches. Vita suffers from a massive slowdown, making it unplayable.
Kingdom Hearts, Re: Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II 16:9 aspect ratio support. Altered character models, music. Based on the updated Final Mix versions. PS3 Suffers from increased load time. 60fps support in PS4/XBOX ONE and PC. Kingdom hearts 2 has some minor audio issues.

Re:Chain of Memories is remake of the GBA game.

Mega Man X7 PC: A direct port from the PlayStation 2 version. Lacks basic PC functionality, no video options, inferior graphics, no remapable keyboard inputs, and does not support controller despite using PlayStation 2 button prompts. May not work on modern operating systems. Released only in Korea. A much better port was released as part of Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2.
Mega Man X8 PC: Features mouse-supported interface, higher resolution modes (up to 1280x1024) but no anti-aliasing options, and supports gamepads (XInput is not 100% supported). Compatible on modern operating system. Limited North American release although some retail Asian versions are available in 2-disc multi-lingual versions (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, and Korean). The PS2 version served as the basis of the port featured in the Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 with the smoother performance of the PC version.
Metal Gear Solid 2 Missing some visual effects, HD ports based on Substance. Missing the skateboarding mini-game.
Metal Gear Solid 3 PS2: Original. 60 fps and widescreen support are via hacks.

PS3/360/Vita: HD ports based on Subsistence.60 FPS. Widescreen support. Missing Metal Gear Online, Secret Theater, Snake vs. Monkey, and Guy Savage. Certain visual effects are reduced to the point where they are seemingly missing such as depth of field and rain. 3DS:Full list of Changes

Odin Sphere The original game: re-released digitally through PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir: an HD remaster (the original game with updated graphics) and remake (updated mechanics and new content) for PS3, PS4, and Vita.

Okami Altered visuals and credits in all ports.
Onimusha: Warlords A superior port, titled Genma Onimusha, was released for the Xbox. The Xbox version contains many updates to the game including enhanced graphics, new 5.1 Dolby Digital audio, new explorable areas, a new boss, new costumes and body armor, changes in enemy placements, and a three-tier charge attack to each weapon. Additionally, the inclusion of green souls adds a new dimension to the game.

Remastered version on PC as well as PS4 and Xbox One. Has higher resolution and updated models. But retains the original SD backgrounds, and doesn't include any update from the Xbox version.

Phantom Brave Wii: Enhanced port with updated graphics and new content (extra story chapter, new characters, and new items). Loading times are nearly non-existent.

PSP: Based on the Wii version with extra recruitable characters.

PC: Features content from both Wii and PSP ports, higher resolution graphics than the previous console ports, and optional higher quality UI.

Persona 3 PS3: As "PS2 Classic", emulated.

PSP: Titled Persona 3 Portable. Option to play as a female protagonist. Let you control other party members in battle and guard, similar to Persona 4. Lacks "The Answer" from Persona 3 FES. No FMVs.

Persona 4 PS3: As "PS2 Classic", emulated.

Vita/PC: Enhanced port with extra content. Some voices have changed in the English dub.

Ratchet & Clank 1-3 Moderately buggy ports.
Ratchet: Deadlocked Very buggy port.
Red Faction PC version lacks some visual effects that are only on ps2.
Shadow of the Colossus ✓ (R) PS3: Stable frame-rate (30 FPS locked). runs in 720p or at an odd resolution (960x1080) if 1080i/p video is enabled on the PS3 so it may look a little off unless you disable those video modes. Based on the PAL release but is missing some minor bonus content from that version. Due to some questionable changes on the climbing physics, several of the time attack fights are imbalanced in this version with at least one of them practically requiring an exploit to complete its challenge time on hard mode. Supports stereoscopic 3D but the frame-rate tanks even lower than it does on the PS2 version with it enabled.


Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne PS2: Original. "Hardtype" Hack for an increased challenge.

Switch/PS4: Redone character models. Better Visual effects. Has the ability to choose which skills to transfer to demons. New easy mode, A blur will appear on the sides of the screen every time there is FMV, in order to fill the screen. still uses compressed audio.

Silent Hill 2 Windows: Port based on the Xbox version. Buggy, but the enhanced edition mod fixes all of the issues and adds a 16:9 aspect ratio, 60fps, higher quality FMV, and more, making it the definitive version.

Xbox: Has the same lighting as the PC version but with the PS2-style soft shadows left intact, fog issues (albeit less noticeable due to the lower resolution), poor audio, and the same relatively low-quality FMVs by default. Can run at 480p.

Windows, Xbox, and PS2 "Directors Cut (EU)/Greatest Hits (US)" versions contain bonus material.

PS3/360: HD version based on unfinished code, resulting in an uncountable number of bugs and graphical/audio mistakes. Let you choose between the original voicework of the game or a new redub done by a different cast made for this version... though results may vary. Stay far away.

Silent Hill 3 PS3/360: HD version based on unfinished code, and completely removed the original voice acting in favor of a new (subjectively worse) redub by a new cast. Same issues as Silent Hill 2 HD, but even worse. Again; stay far away.

Windows: The PC version adds improved flashlight lighting, the ability to save at any time during the game, and 60 FPS gameplay. however, there are some points where the game will drop to 30. If you are running in HD, the DoF effects are rendered in native resolution, making them look pixelated but can be fixed with mods.

Silent Hill 4: The Room Windows: Frame rate is capped at 30 FPS in the retail and digital releases, while cutscenes are at 15 FPS in the physical release, but can be changed to 30fps using mods.

Some of the "hauntings" from the console version are missing. GoG-version is a port of the inferior European PC-version. Xbox: Just as good as the PS2 version, but with 480p support.

Siren ✓ (R) PS3: Titled "Siren: Blood Curse", it is a remake of the original ps2 version.

The American release of Blood Curse contains a slightly edited introductory scene, where a ceremonial stabbing is obscured by excessive camera shakiness. The European release of Blood Curse includes an exclusive making-of documentary titled Behind the Curtain of Terror, which is accessed via the PlayStation 3's XMB Video menu.

Sly Cooper, Sly 2, Sly 3 The HD port has a different rendering system, and the soundtrack was remade. causing some moderate audio glitches, and minors visual glitches, The player can now invert the game's camera controls. Some of the glitches (mostly speed-running ones) were fixed. The cutscene from sly 2 in Monaco was removed.
Tales of The Abyss 3DS: Loading times are shortened. Slightly more lag sometimes. Removal of Multiplayer. Some stats were changed for difficulties some of NA exclusive mystic arts were added to the Japanese version (Japan only). Only four save slots per game card. Some sidequest cut-offs have been altered. No world map glitch (can't keep Asch in party).
Tales of Symphonia GC: Less videos and content. Battles at 60fps

PC: Based on the japanese PS2 version. Bad framepacing.

Tekken 5 PSP/PS3: Titled "Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection". Changed Intro. More Balanced Gameplay. added moves. the Arcade Battle has been upgraded by adding twelve more ranking titles and removing one: Conqueror.

many new stages. These stages were actually modified versions of the originals that contained different textures, details, and stage music that make most of them unrecognizable. In the PSP version, there is a new mode called "Tekken Dojo".

Yakuza 1,2 ✓ (R) ✓ (R) (Only 1) ✓ (R)


PS3: HD Remake "Yakuza Kiwami" (Japan Only). PS4/Xbox One/PC: HD Remake titled "Yakuza Kiwami" and "Yakuza Kiwami 2".

WiiU: HD Remake (Japan Only).

Zone of the Enders Vita version was quietly canceled after the poor reception of the HD Collection's initial release.
Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner PS3/360: Based on the PS2 PAL version of the game which has exclusive content. Higher quality FMV. The Xbox 360 version runs worse than the PS2 version. The PS3 version runs even worse than that if unpatched. Post-patch, and it's easily the definitive version of the game.

PC/PS4: A VR remaster with updated textures, 4K support, new control style, various graphics settings, and the ability to play in VR from the view of the cockpit.


Name Windows PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 Xbox Xbox 360 Wii Wii U Switch Notes
Beyond Good & Evil PS2: Inferior-looking port.

PC/Xbox: Was developed by another team so there are some minor changes to the environment.

PS3/360: A HD remaster of the PC version, Beyond Good & Evil uses a 4:3 image ratio, but displays in 16:9 letterboxed format. On a native 16:9 screen, this results in black bars around the entire screen, needlessly constraining the image. Those were fixed in the HD version. The PS3 version has broken shadows.

The game creator said that the GameCube version is the best.

Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg PC: Inferior to the original GameCube version in several ways - including poor optimization, improper sound mixing, severe screen tearing and poor controller support.
Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Wii: Titled "Donkey Kong Jungle Beat New Play Control!", controlled using the Wii Remote, using its Nunchuk accessory to control Donkey Kong's movement and its motion detection feature to clap. To accommodate the more traditional control scheme, the level designs were altered to include more obstacles, and players do not have to collect crests to progress. It also replaces the banana-based health meter with a more traditional life system and adds a boss rush mode and support for widescreen television displays.
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Wii U: HD Remaster. Additional control methods have been added. The Inventory has been made accessible through the GamePad's touchscreen, with no need to pause the game. some items, such as the Wind Waker, are permanently mapped to certain buttons as opposed to being equipped to the three-item slots. First-person aiming of items is achieved through either the right analog stick or the GamePad's gyroscope, though there is an option to disable the gyroscope. Some cutscenes where Link makes a facial expression silently have voices added to match the expressions. The ending cutscene and staff credits, which were prerendered in the original game, are now fully real-time cutscenes in the remaster. However, the smooth transition effects from the original cutscenes have been replaced by fade-to-white effects, presumably due to the difficulty of implementing the original cutscenes' transitions in real-time rendering. The intro cutscene, which plays upon the start of a new file, is skippable, but no other cutscenes are.
The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess Wii: The World is mirrored and Motion control was added.

Wii U: HD Remaster with too many changes to list here

Killer 7 Full list of changes
Mario Power Tennis Wii: 16:9 widescreen mode. Players can choose to play with the Wii Remote only, or with the Wii Remote/Nunchuk combination for advanced control of playable character participants. It also adds a new gauge pointing out the current Power Shot energy charge shown below character icons during matches.
Metroid Prime 1, 2 Too many changes to list here
Viewtiful joe 1, 2 PS2: Inferior Looking but the first game has Dante from the Devil May Cry series cameo.
Rayman 3 GameCube: Original Version. Best Shadows and Water effects. Has an exclusive mini-game by connecting GBA to The GameCube and another Minigame called "2D Nightmare" that can be accessed by using cheats. Has an HD Texture Pack.

PS2: Inferior looking

Xbox: Widescreen option is just 4:3 stretched.

PC: The ability to skip FMV cutscenes was Removed, Some textures are missing, Both issues can be fixed with a mod called "better Rayman 3" The PC version is also available in Czech, Hebrew, Polish, Russian, and Slovak languages

PS3/360: HD Remaster. The Hoodlum Havoc subtitle has been removed, and the font of the logo has been changed to match that of Rayman Origins. The original version opened with a gameplay trailer cut to Groove Armada'sMadder'. This has been removed and replaced with a new trailer featuring new music. The intro sequence originally began with the classic Ubi Soft logo, used for the first three Rayman games, overlaid against a night sky. This has been cut. Rayman 3 HD features audio problems. Many music tracks start later than they should, and often contain glitches. In the Fairy Council, a Ludiv originally spoke the line 'Oh my God, what is going on here?' In Rayman 3 HD, this line is censored to 'What is going on here?'. Parts of the sky above the Clearleaf Forest have become black, and the color of the water has undergone strange changes. The bonus section of the game contains an "extra" which is a gallery of the artworks seen in the Rayman Origins art booklet which came with the collector's edition. The shadows of objects and characters have been known to glitch up, often passing directly through surfaces and appearing/disappearing at random. The shadows also sometimes are not cast according to the location of the light source, and instead, appear directly beneath the caster. The jewels and Red Lums now cast light onto the geometry around them, as opposed to the original version, where only a glowing texture was placed around them. The Grand Minimus's crown is now transparent. Level scores are now shown at the end of the boss battle sections. The game now features subtitles for the cutscenes and some other in-game dialogue.

Resident Evil 4 Too many different to list here
Super Mario Sunshine Switch: Emulated Version with Widescreen support.
Sonic Heroes Too many different to list here
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy PS2: Inferior-looking port.

XBOX: Lacks projected shadows.

PC/Switch: HD Remastered. Lacks projected shadows.


Most Xbox Ports for PC are Decent ports, and most multiplatform games on Consoles at the time (PS2, GC, Xbox) were superior on the Xbox.

Name Windows PlayStation 2 Gamecube PlayStation 3 Notes
Advant Rising PC: Missing some cutscenes, can be fixed by using mods.
Cel Damage GC: Inferior-looking port.

PS2: Titled "Cel Damage Overdrive" The difficulty and the speed of the cars is lowered. There are no instant kills. The death animations are now all the same. Car parts now glitch through the ground. The ability to swing on vines is removed. Unlock Mode is removed. The primary weapon will not give the player Smack points. The AI players do not use the boost feature. - The 6 main characters' intro videos are not available from the start. The AI players can not use the stunt feature. A stunt feature is added. The weapons will unlock differently. In Flag Rally, the player doesn't need to bring 4 flags at the same time to the Winner's Circle to win the match. Instead, the player needs 10 points to win, which are earned by bringing flags to the Winner's Circle. Gate Relay has more gates now. It is changed to a checkpoint race with 8 laps. The progress screen is removed. Instead, checkmarks are used on the Stage Selection screen. Taunts and the horn now use the same button. Has extra stage and the weapons, and new features such as Stunt Mode, A boost meter is added. Health Bar.

Switch/Vita/PS3/PS4/360/Xbox One: Based on The PS2 Version with widescreen support but the opening theme on the main menu is removed. The menu interface has a new look. A lot of sound effects are missing. Taunt voices are switched with introduction/death voices.

Dead to Rights PS2 and GameCube versions added hotkeys for weapons and drastically tweaked the difficulty to result in a much more approachable game than the original Xbox title.
Ninja Gaiden Black

PS3/Xbox One/PC/Switch/PS4: Titled " Ninja Gaiden Sigma". FMV was removed. Enemies gush more blood. Human beheadings removed. Added a few more save points. Added many more Muaramasa statues. New enemies for all difficulties levels. New backflip and somersault animations. Redesigned and New Bosses. New Weapons. New areas. Ticket fetching removed. 3 new chapters as Rachel. New Music. Underwater segment significantly shortened. Some Puzzles were removed.

Prince of Persia Trilogy PS2/GC: inferior-looking Ports.

PC: Best looking version. A remastered version of Prince of Persia (1989) can be unlocked on 6th gen consoles, but not in the PC version. Mods should be used for modern systems.

PS3: lazy remaster, cropped widescreen.

Spider-Man 2 PS2/GC: Inferior-looking PC: Completely different game, developed by a different studio. It was "dumbed down" for a young audience and thus featured more simplistic and less challenging gameplay.
Splinter Cell Trilogy PC/Xbox: Best looking version. Has DLC Levels. PC Version has problems with modern hardware.

GC/PS2: inferior-looking Ports. Altered level design.

PS3: Based on the PC version, lazy remaster, cropped widescreen.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent

GC/PS2: inferior-looking Ports. Altered level design.

PS3/360/PC: completely different game.

Halo 1, 2 PC/Xbox One: Part of the Master Chief Collection. Halo 1 is a remake with optional updated graphics. Supports widescreen.


Name Windows NDS 3DS Switch Notes
Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

3DS: A lot of changes were made in order to make the game easier.

Mega Man Zero 1, 2, 3, 4 GBA: Original. Uncensored hacks are available.

DS: Better Audio. The multiplayer mini-games from Mega Man Zero 2 were removed. Some dialogue containing words like "death", "kill", and "die" were changed, making the games more kid-friendly, but spelling errors in the GBA release were fixed. A new Easy Scenario Mode. Picture gallery with 80 unlockable images. Button mapping to the X and Y face buttons.

Switch/PC/PS4/Xbox One: Based on the DS Zero Collection. Comes with multiple screen layouts and scaling for the Zero and ZX games, Japanese and international versions of each game, an optional Save Assist (i.e. checkpoint) system, artwork gallery, and music gallery. CG cutscene graphics sadly always have an ugly smoothing filter that can't be disabled. PC version has bad keyboard controls, but has a modding community thanks to these games being native ports instead of emulation.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening ✓ (R)

Switch: HD Remake with dungeon creating mode.

Nintendo DS[edit]

Name Windows 3DS Mobile Notes
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange journey

3DS: Titled "Strange Journey Redux" The game includes new artwork for the characters (Which some people dislike, a mod called "de-shine" was created for fixing the characters' portraits). The introduction of difficulty modes: Casual, Standard, Expert, and Impossible. Impossible is only available on New Game. Macca is no longer required to heal in the sickbay. There is no limit on the number of sub-apps equipped. The ability to sprint in dungeons by holding down the B button. a single-save file that allows the player to save anywhere in the dungeon without the use of a terminal, was added. Various new sub-apps related to combat and dungeon crawling were added in order to make the game easier but cannot be developed on Impossible. Commander Skills have been added.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story ✓ (R) 3DS: Titled "Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey". Full list of Changes
Radiant Historia 3DS: Titled: " Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology" has difficulty options. New characters' portraits. A new timeline was added. a new training ground. characters can also learn Support Skills. five new tracks. Mini Map was added. New Translation. More save slots. Weapon and armor stats have been modified slightly. Some Life quality improvements were added.


Most ports for PS2 are infamous for bad controls and glitches.

Name Windows PS2 Mobile Notes
Final Fantasy Type-0 PS4/Xbox One/Steam: better graphics, locked at 30fps.

PSP: 60fps hack available.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories PS2: Better textures and geometry in places, better lighting, visual effects, and draw distance.

Mobile: Reworked textures, lighting, and visual effects.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep PS3/PS4/PC/Xbox One: HD Remaster of the Final Mix version.
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PS3/360: HD Remaster. VOCALOID has been removed from Metal Gear ZEKE. Some dialogues were re-recorded.

PlayStation 3[edit]

Name Windows PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 Xbox One Notes
Dark Souls PC/PS4/Xbox One/Switch: Titled "Dark Souls Remastered". Based on "Prepare to Die Edition".can be played at 60fps, inferior looking new bugs and glitches.
Demon's Souls PS5: Remake with better Graphics and life quality improvements.
God of War 3 PS4: 1080p support targeted at 60 frames per second and features a photo mode, All of the DLC that was released for God of War III is included with God of War III Remastered
NieR ✓(R) ✓(R) ✓(R) PS3 (Japan): The protagonist is a kid

Xbox 360/PS3 (NA): The protagonist is an Adult. PC/PS4/Xbox One: Remake with enhanced Gameplay, The protagonist is a kid.

The Last of Us The games run at 60 FPS, and the resolution is increased to 1080p. a new photo mode, The DLC Left Behind is included.
Uncharted 1, 2, 3 The games run at 60 FPS, and the resolution is increased to 1080p. Better lighting, textures, and models, a new mode called Speed Run,2 New Weapons. Multiplayer was removed.
Vanquish Xbox 360: Decent port.

PC/PS4/Xbox One: Improved Resolution and FPS

Xbox 360[edit]

Name Windows Wii PlayStation 3 Xbox One Notes

PS3: Terrible Frame rate. PS4/Xbox One/PC: Decent ports Switch/Wii U: Has Exclusive costumes

Dead Rising

Wii: Titled "Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop" Motion Control, Frank now operates from out of the mall's security room and that he advances the main plot of the game by completing missions given to him by Otis, Brad, and Jessie; others see him rescuing the various survivors of the outbreak. New Zombies. New Mini-Games. Costume blood color, but Frank Can't jump and Some Areas are now Smaller.

Halo 3, 4

Xbox One/PC: HD Remaster with new features such as Profanity filter, Tech suits in Halo 3, and Halo 4 Squad Battle changes.

Ninja Gaiden II

PS3/Xbox One/PC/Switch/PS4: Titled " Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma", This Version lessened the enemy count drastically while making the enemies much more difficult to use the "delimbing" mechanic. The throw damage was increased. Five new bosses were added, replacing two old boss encounters. Enma's Fang is a new melee weapon, a greatsword. The Weapon Upgrade system has been altered. Some ranged weapons have been removed. Keys have been completely removed, doors simply popping open now. Projectile spam has been greatly reduced from NG2. Costume recolors (Legendary Black Falcon to Type 20; same shape, different texture) were removed. many textures (not all) throughout the chapters completely replaced to vastly improve the visual appeal of each environment but leaves character textures mostly unchanged. almost all the gore has been removed.

Ninja Gaiden III

PS3/Xbox One/PC/Switch/PS4: Titled " Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge" More blood and gore. More enemy variations. More weapons. improved enemy A.I. and attacks. New Gameplay Mechanics and improvements. 2 New Playable Characters. Alternate Costumes. Chapter Challenge mode. New missions on Ninja Trials.

Red Dead Redemption

PS3: runs at a significantly lower resolution than the Xbox 360 version, uses simpler visual post-processing effects, has missing objects throughout the game, areas of grass are more patchy, shadows are simpler (and sometimes missing), and textures appear more basic and low resolution. Xbox One: Backward Compatibility.


Name Windows PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 3DS Switch Notes
No More Heroes

PS3/X360: A lot of changes: different art style with enhanced graphic, but 30 fps instead 60 in original. Doesn't require motion control. "Heavenly Star" song and Ubisoft trailer was removed. Added new missions and boss fights, voice acting, unlockable "Very Sweet" mode, a retry option, ability to warp straight to any Side-Job or Assassin Mission once the player has beaten any of them at least once. More traffic and pedestrians in Santa Destroy. Northern section of Santa Destroy was blocked off, with any collectibles and missions located in that area moved to the rest of the map.

Switch: Based on the Wii version. "Heavenly Star" song and Ubisoft trailer were removed. Doesn't require motion control. A retry option was added.

Windows: Based on the Switch version. Does not support mouse and keyboard - controller only.

No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

Wii: NA and PAL versions have different music. The PAL version is also censored.

Switch: Uncensored and has the PAL music.

Windows: Based on the Switch version. Does not support mouse and keyboard - controller only. Poor porting with many crashes.

Pandora's Tower

Wii: NA version has a lot of bugs not presented in the PAL version

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Switch: HD Remaster. Improved Motion control. Doesn't require motion control anymore.

Resident Evil Chronicles

PS3: HD Remaster. Doesn't require motion control.

Rodea - The Sky Solider

3DS/WII U: The 3ds is a downgraded version of the Wii version, The WII U version is just a port of the 3ds version. The game creator said to only play the Wii version

Xenoblade Chronicles ✓ (R)

3DS: Inferior looking port. uses the dual-screen. New Collection Mode and Amiibo compatibility.

Switch: HD Remake. Redefines graphics in high-definition quality and redesigns key characters. Most music tracks are remastered with new recordings, and the user interface and the menu screen are also improved and adjusted to be easy to play. new language options such as Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. A new epilogue story called Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected. Time Attack is a new feature.

PlayStation Vita[edit]

Name Windows PlayStation 4 Xbox 360 Xbox One Notes
Persona 4 Golden The exclusive enhanced port of a popular PS2 game, which many considered to be the reason to own a Vita for, is now available on PC. It may be worth getting if you're computer can't handle running a PS2 emulator (if you wanted to play the original instead) and especially considering the current state of Vita emulation. The official Steam version comes with the controversial Denuvo Anti-tamper, but there is a cracked version that doesn't use Denuvo floating around. One problem some users have been noticing is the cutscenes are laggy even on higher end machines (this is apparently due to the way the video files were encoded).


Emulation for the 3DS is in early development. It is not currently in a state meant for regular usage.

Name Windows PS3 Xbox 360 Notes
Azure Striker Gunvolt Used to feel like an emulated version put on PC as it sometimes plays using a dual screen setup. Some keys cannot be remapped at all for keyboard, and certain modes do not retain controller remapping changes. Has new modes the 3DS version lacks. This used to be only way to enjoy the full story cut from the overseas release up until the 3DS version received a patch in some territories and the Striker Pack compilation rectified this. A new port of the Striker Pack for the Switch and PS4 which runs at 60 FPS, features HD event graphics and portraits, balance tweaks, and incorporates its sequel's difficulty system. A patch was released for the PC version on May 2018 that removed dual screen setup and added 60 FPS support, but a recent patch broke the game's Speedrun and Other Modes on PC.
Resident Evil Revelations Also on Wii U. All ported versions are in HD.
The Legend of Dark Witch Higher resolution artwork and revised UI utilizing a single screen as opposed to the dual screen set-up of the 3DS version.
The Legend of Dark Witch 2 Same as the above.