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Developer(s) TapiocaFox and Assets contributors
Latest version 1.4.58
Active Yes
Platform(s) Android
Type Launcher (Frontend)
Programmed in kotlin, python
License Closed-source and MIT(Assets)
Source code GitHub (Assets)

Daijishō is a retro launcher that manages libraries of retro games on Android.


Daijishō is a retro launcher that lets you manage your retro games libraries. Daijishō cares about integrated experience, expansibility, aesthetic, and pragmatic usabilities, which let you focus on the games themselves. It will be updated continuously in the future based on user feedback and author's own retro gaming experience during my free time.

Naming of "Daijishou"[edit]

"Daijishō" (aka "だいじしょう") actually stands for "台字章" in kanji, which was a pattern widely used in Taiwan during the Japanese period.


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