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The Nintendo Wii

The Wii is a 2006 console by Nintendo. Because of similarity between the Wii and the GameCube, Wii emulation happened very quickly through GameCube emulation.


Name Operating System(s) Latest Version GCN Wii Triforce Libretro Core Recommended
Dolphin Multi-platform GIT ✓** *
Ishiiruka-Dolphin Windows GIT
Dolphin Android GIT ?

*WIP, currently non-functioning

**Requires the Triforce branch to work. It is very old and unsupported.


  • Dolphin is the only option for Wii emulation. It is updated on a near daily basis and has very good emulation, barring some noticeable issues with GameCube. System requirements are high. In addition, it is recommended to sync a Wii remote to play games, as it can be difficult mapping the motion controls to a controller, especially if MotionPlus is required.

Wii System Menu Emulation

Dolphin is capable of running the system menu firmware. To get the system menu BIOS, one needs to use BootMii to dump the NAND of the Wii and place the contents in the user's Dolphin Emulator folder in My Documents.

Wi-Fi Connection

Main article: Dolphin Online

This was the first Nintendo console to make online a standard feature. The service was discontinued May 20, 2014 for most games.[1] However, custom servers exist using Wiimmfi, but mostly popular titles are restored.

Dolphin has limited capacity to utilize the Wi-Fi connection of games. It's difficult to get this feature emulated because of the state of disconnection. Wiimmfi might not work in Dolphin. However, recently, Dolphin can connect to the Wii Shop Channel.[2]

3DS/DS Connectivity

An unadvertised feature of the Wii is being able to connect to Nintendo DSs. A few titles can do it, such as Mii Channel (hidden feature that can be used in conjunction with a 3DS's Mii Maker application or some DS games[3]), Pokémon Battle Revolution, or Nintendo Channel. No Wii, DS, or 3DS emulator supports the connection.


  • Dolphin Wiki - For checking if your games work and any fixes/tweaks/settings you should know before hand.