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Current version: 1.8.0-beta 3
Active: No
OS: Windows, Linux, OS X, BeOS, Wii, Gamecube
Authors: Forgotten, VBA Team
Official website:
Source code: SourceForge

VisualBoy Advance is a Game Boy/Color and Game Boy Advance emulator.


VisualBoy Advance-M Dev Builds

Visual Boy Advance GX (Wii/GC only)

VBA Link e-Reader


The original VBA emulator is ancient and has ceased development in 2004. VBA-M is a continuation of VBA, as it is regularly updated.

VBA-Next is an optimized version of an older revision of VBA-M with speedhacks and is available as a libretro core for RetroArch. There is also a libretro version of the latest VBA-M, which is slower but has less compatibility issues and regressions.

Project Pokémon made a version that adds both e-Reader and Link Cable support. While they were once available separately, this version permits the use of battle e-cards.

Using the e-Reader functionality requires a ROM of the Nintendo e-Reader. Load the ROM, then navigate to "Scan Dot Code." The emulator will ask for a dump of the e-Reader card barcode. Choose one that you had previously downloaded from your computer. (You can download the raw dumps here: Beware: the website is hard to navigate.)

For the Wii, it's better to use the VBA-Next core of RetroArch than to use VBA-GX. However, VBA-GX supports using the Wiimote as a gyrometer (required for a few GBA games), whereas VBA-Next does not.

Be sure you have "vba-over.ini" in the same folder as VBA to avoid save type issues. Current VBA-M builds come with this by default. libretro versions of VBA have this baked into the binary, but also output a different save format that needs to be converted with a tool to be used with standalone VBA.

Source Code