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Simply add the wikitext markup {{Lowercase title}} at the beginning of a page (and optionally, at the beginning of its talk page). There are no parameters. The markup will only decapitalize the first letter of the page's name in the title at the beginning of the page.

Some examples (in different namespaces):

Page name Will display
macOS macOS
Talk:eBay Talk:eBay
Category:MacOS emulation software Category:macOS emulation software
Template:IPhone models Template:iPhone models


The template does not work together with other title modification templates: you need to use DISPLAYTITLE directly and make sure it's the last DISPLAYTITLE on the page. For example, to make "Example" italic and lowercase, use {{DISPLAYTITLE:''example''}}.

When using the template on redirect pages, the template must be moved after the redirect, since otherwise it will break the redirection. This, however, limits the template to have an effect only when viewing the redirect page directly. Nevertheless, it is still useful in this scenario in order to document the proper capitalization of a term.

When using on templates, please make sure to wrap it with a <noinclude> tag, so that transcluded pages don't get affected.